African Grey Body and Plumage


African Grey Body and Plumage

African grey body language Different Parts of a Parrot Body, African Grey Body and Plumage, Parts of a Parrot! List of different Parrot parts with African-parrot pictures and examples. Learn these parrot body parts names to increase your vocabulary about parrot African Grey body parts in English.

The tongue is thick fleshy and very mobile after cracking open nuts the parrot uses its tongue to deftly remove the kernels

  • Eyes

Eyes are positioned at the center of the sides of the head, which means that the parrot can detect movement from behind by moving its head only fractionally to one side or the other

  • Bill

Hooked and powerful, the bill can crack tough nuts and shred fibrous fruit. The parrot also uses its bill, as well as its feet, to grip branches and haul itself through the treetops.

  • Feet

Long, dextrous toes (two-point forward, the other two backward) let the African grey parrot climb effortlessly along branches and grasp larger food items.

  • Plumage

The characteristic red color of the tail presents a striking contrast with the gray body plumage, In older birds, scarlet feathers eventually begin to appear among the body feathers.

African Grey Body

African Grey Body

African Grey Body And Plumage

African Grey Parrots

Body parts of a parrot


African grey Body

African Grey Body and Plumage


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