Aladdin parrot

Aladdin parrot

Iago Aladdin parrot is a fictional character and great antagonist in the 1992 animated films Aladdin. It is a speaker parrot (a red macaw parrot named scarlet macaw, to be more precise), which serves to canvases Jafar, the main antagonist of the movie.

In the sequel, The Return of Jafar, The parrot from Aladdin Iago himself passes on the redemption side of the protagonists, which makes him one of the few Disney supervillains who have repented. Although he remains largely selfish, cowardly, easily angry, grumpy, dishonest, and, sometimes, even uncivilized, becomes noticeably good, in both films and TV series.


Parrot from Aladdin

parrot from aladdin

Its name is derived, almost certainly, from the antagonist of the tragedy William Shakespeare, Othello. Is it Will Finn animator of the character, tried to transfer you some distinctive features of her original voice actor, comedian Albert Gottfried, such as eyes or half-closed teeth always in sight?

in the animated series episode When Chaosthe’s playful gods, called chaos, turn Aladdin bird Iago’s head into that of a human being, precisely one of the same Gottfried caricatures.

Parrot from Aladdin

Iago Jafar’s parrot in Aladdin is one of the largest parrots in the family Psittacidae Scientific Name: Psittaciformes the red parrot named scarlet macaw this Aladdin bird is a very selfish, rude, and cowardly character, as well as has the habit of complaining and making sarcastic and sharp comments, but defenseless in the background and with a good heart.

During the adventures of Aladdin and his companions, when the characters are in danger, he tends to act selfishly, choosing to save their feathers, often in the company of some treasure, and abandon his friends to their fate, to get caught up in guilt and retrace his steps, risking their lives, losing the treasure and saving friends (all accompanied by rumblings, for his “excessive kindness”).

Parrot from Aladdin Iago is that he does not like being so angry, to show his good side, and often refuses bounties for his good deeds. In addition to being able to speak human language, he is able to perfectly imitate the voice of others. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the magical world, due to his years in Jafar’s service, despite not practicing first-person witchcraft, and is the only group I’ve ever heard of Aladdin Mirage when he sees him.

During the series of ailerons, an alternative movement, Zondra from the Amazon rainforest bird. We also discover that the Iago Aladdin bird moved from South America to the desert and does not support humid climates. In episode 72 of the animated series, we find that he disposed of his conscience, after chaining, locking in a chest, and throwing it into the sea, which triggered one of the most violent wars in Mesopotamia, only to seize the fried tomato market.

Aladdin Bird

aladdin bird

In the first film will be the just recommends the idea of marrying Jasmine Jafar so that he becomes Sultan and also assists him throughout the film, but at the end when Jafar as a last wish turns into a genius himself Iago tries to escape, but is seized by Jafar, and so both Iago that Jafar gets stuck inside the lamp and begin to fight for their failure and Iago
Aladdin bird screams at him for his stupid decision and while the two support the genie takes the lamp with Iago and Jafar still trapped and throws it towards the Cave of Wonders, where the two will have to endure 1,0000 recruitment and will continue to fight, even in there.

In the second film only after eight months, Iago Aladdin parrot manages to escape the lamp even though his back locks up and begins to fly towards the exit of the cave after being able to get out emerges from the sand and is completely free and abandons Jafar, still trapped in the lamp in well-being tired of his insults and goes to the good side and becomes very good friends with Aladdin and will be finally just him, now repentant and definitely passed on the right side to destroy the Jafar lamp, thus decreeing its end.

Like many other Disney characters, Iago Aladdin parrot is a guest character in the television series House House. In addition, he also appears in the Jasmine episode, the DisneyPrincess Magical Fairy Tales miniseries: Follow Your Dreams. In the crossover episode between the Hercules and Aladdin animated series Iago Aladdin’s parrot doesn’t seem strange, but he was named Jafar (when Ade says he should have a slave, he replied, “I got a servant… A treacherous parrot! »)

scarlet macaw

Kingdom Hearts saga

Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, as in the first Aladdin movie, Iago Aladdin parrot works for Jafar. Although not the main character, he cuts Aladdin’s lamp, and monitors, while Sora, Donald Duck, and Pippo fight against Jafar, transforming into a genie. Sora can lock you up prendergliela and Jafar and Iago himself.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Iago is only a projection of Sora’s memories, and makes a brief appearance, during the battle against Jafar, in the form of a genie, still committed to defending the lamp.

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II, like in The Return of Jafar, Iago Aladdin parrot manages to return to Agrabah after getting rid of Jafar, groping for Aladdin and Jasmine’s forgiveness. When Sora unwittingly helps in merciless defeat and regains the Jafar lamp, buys everyone’s trust. But again lose confidence, when the obligation to contribute to Jafar, and keep them occupied, ruins, Sora and his allies. Despite losing face, Iago even became forgiving, and defensive, with his body, Aladdin, Jafar who wanted to strike with a spell. He survives and is finally forgiven, after Jafar’s death.

It should be noted that, although its role is still limited, it is significantly more important than in the first video game. inKingdom Hearts there is a mistake: Iago says that he knows Jafar’s lamp because it has been a long time, but it is not true. During the kingdom Hearts movie, in which Jafar is locked, Iago doesn’t seem, so you can’t know that this would happen.


Kingdom Hearts Coded

In Kingdom Hearts Coded, Iago just helps Jafar like Kingdom Hearts. Iago steals the lamp and the genie appears later in the battle against Jafar where his black lamp is once again held. After the battle, Iago if the legs promise to become good.

Manga Kingdom Hearts

In the first kingdom Hearts manga, Iago bird from Aladdin has the same role in the video game, but this time it says Jafar takes and slides him with him into the lamp.

chain of MemoriesIago has a wider role: he controls who brings the vizier of the lamp Aladdin so that he can be with Jasmine, but when Al accidentally releases the genie. Iago rushes to point out other “funny guys” to the master, in fact, when Sora, Donald, and Goofy attack Iago and Jafar safely identify them.

Kingdom Hearts II, Iago Aladdin parrot has a similar role to the first part of the Agrabah section. But after retrieving the lamp from the Cave of Wonders (and not by the merchant as in the game) Peter takes and incites Agrabah’s evil genie to transform it into Heartless. Iago manages to steal the Jafar cat lamp and controls to get back inside and never go out again while the genie is sucked in, he also drags Pierre and the lamp is sealed in the secret of Jasmine Palace. Iago With this action we obtain the final forgiveness.

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