Blue-headed Racquet-tail

Blue-headed Racquet-tail

Prioniturus platenae Scientific name definitions

  • VU Vulnerable
  • Names (14)
  • Monotypic


27 cm. Pale greyish yellow bill; entire head and nape light blue extending onto breast, becoming greener on lower breast and belly and yellow on vent; upperparts dull green; spatules dark green. Female has blue confined to crown and sides of head. Immature similar, with no spatules.

Systematics History

Recent phylogenetic study indicates that this species is part of a clade which contains also P. waterstradtiP. montanus and P. mindorensis (1). Previously treated as a race of P. discurus, but treatment as species recently reinforced (2). Monotypic.




Palawan and associated islands, from Calauit and Busuanga to Balabac (SW Philippines).


Lowland forest and edges, and adjacent cultivations, apparently in the lowlands to around 300 m.


No information.

Diet and Foraging

No observations; nuts in stomachs of specimens.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

When perched, utters several short squeaky or nasal screeches, the latter sometimes also more drawn-out.


Birds labelled juvenile have been collected in Jan (two) and Aug, and one labelled immature in May.

Conservation Status

Conservation status on BirdlifeVU Vulnerable

VULNERABLE. CITES II. The paucity of recent records of the Blue-headed Racquet-tail indicates that it is now generally uncommon and declining, although it is regularly recorded in St Paul’s Subterranean National Park.

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