Caique Parrot Personality

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The peach-headed caique (Lionites Leucogaster), which has 3 subspecies.

Caïque parrot

Caique parrot personality, Food & Care

There are 2 species of a caique

The Peach Head Caicos (Pionites leucogaster), which has 3 subspecies.

The Black-headed Caicos (Melanocephala pionites) which has 2 subspecies.

Caique Parrot

Characteristics of Caicos
  • 23 cm long, 150 to 175 grams.
  • Distribution: Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Northern Bolivia.
  • In captivity, we find more often the black-headed caique. It is therefore much less expensive than the peach-head species.
  • A gregarious bird, often observed in small groups, rarely in large groups of 100 or more.
  • Essentially arboreal, lives in the top of trees under the cover of branches.
  • Territory quite limited. Because of its small wings, it does not fly long or far.
    Black-headed Caicos, Melanocephala Pionites, Changing Temperament
  • No sexual dimorphism.
  • The caique is a very sociable and friendly bird. Every person, animal or object he encounters is a good topic of fun.
    It is an adventurous bird that is neither fearful nor fearful and above all not thoughtful. He is quite impetuous and reacts immediately to situations that come his way. Which ranks it in the category “cute little bird that creates and attracts a lot of trouble”. As he is very curious and active, it would be best to always keep an eye on him when he is outside his cage.

Caique Parrot

  • The caique does not have an equal temperament, but rather changeable. He can go from angel to demon in half a split second if he is upset or does not like someone.
  • The caique is afraid of neither god nor devil. In captivity if he feels intimidated, he does not run away … he attacks.
  • The caique is a territorial and possessive bird. All that belongs to him is HIM … point to the line! The caique does not
  • willingly share his cage, his toys and even less his bowl.
  • Like the Lori, it is a pretty clownish and acrobatic bird, which makes it very enthusiastic when it comes to learning and performing new tricks.
  • Another characteristic similar to the Lori; he moves often while hopping.
    And another one … he loves taking baths.
    adventurous caique
  • The caique is a player and when he does, he plays “manly”. Jump, roll over, throw the ball, bring back, jump, dance, etc. He has a very good supply of energy and he spends it well. He is constantly moving, moving relentlessly from one activity or toy to another.
  • As a result, even if he is a very small bird, he requires a very large cage, needs space and lots of toys to keep himself busy. Nobody wants such a ball of dynamite bored for a moment! He particularly likes the toys he can hold in his paw and naturally … that make noise.
  • It is a fairly autonomous bird and he can have fun alone for hours. But naturally, if he is given the choice, he will prefer, by far, the interaction with his human, especially if he does not have a companion of his kind at his disposal.


Caique Parrot

Warning: highly excitable subject. To handle with care.

As you can see, it’s a smart bird that requires a lot of interaction. People loving calm abstain!

  • It is not considered loud but can become very noisy if it is unresponsive or boring.
  • The caique is not a very good speaker and when it runs, it is not always very clear. Generally, there is only his human to understand what he says. On the other hand, he excels in onomatopoeia. He has a small, high pitched and somewhat metallic voice that is very similar to R2D2 (Star War).
    Caicos, highly energetic parrot
  • The caique likes to eat and, compared to its size, it is impressive to see everything that this little body can eat … and not consequent, what can come out… But rest assured, by its high level activity, the caique is absolutely not overweight. It is also a bird quite adventurous and reluctant to refuse new forms of food.
  • On the other hand, the caique is not a lender, he protects his bowl like the apple of his eyes. Stand for it! If there are two caiques in the same cage, there must be two bowls.
  • As its energy demand is high, it needs more than other species of parrots to be offered a wide variety of fruits. The rest of his diet is the same as the other parrots. He does not have a specific dietary need.

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