Cockatiel toys ideas

Cockatiel toys Ideal

Cockatiel toys ideas: Making sure to provide a stimulating environment for your cockatiel is very important. To do this, do not hesitate to vary the games. It is not necessary for this to spend fortunes: with a little imagination, one can satisfy the curiosity of birds at a lower cost!

It is important to note that not all toys should be placed in the aviary. Select a maximum of two or three toys for their living space and propose the others during outings. Do not clutter the flight space of the aviary with imposing toys.


Your parakeet screams? Your cockatiel swells its feathers and does not move? The cause may be
boredom. If your parakeet is bored, it may get sick or demand your attention with shrill screams.


To keep your parrot in shape and entertain him, you can buy him toys that will satisfy his instinct for exploration and destruction. Climbing, chewing, exercising, and playing will allow your parrot to have fun and stay physically and mentally healthy.


What are the best toys for my cockatiel?


The favorite games of parrots are swings and hanging toys like ropes with knots, bells, and bells. They especially appreciate the play of bright colors.


It is important to choose toys made from natural materials, non-toxic to your parakeet, and tinted from edible pigments. On the other hand, do not spend a fortune on these toys: your cockatiel will have fun tearing them to pieces and will get there sooner or later!


Our selection of the best knots, ropes, ladders, bells, and bells for cockatiel


We have selected for you toys tested (and approved!) by our cockatiel. Easy to install, they can also be suitable for other small parrots or parakeets and are great value for money (which you will not usually find in shops).


Little extra: we have selected toys sold in batches, to vary the pleasures!

Cockatiel toys Ideal 

An accessory in the aviary as well as outside, swings are very popular with cockatiels Be sure to take a model adapted to their size!


It is, through this game, to reproduce the natural behavior of the cockatiel with regard to food research. In nature, the wild cockatiel spends a lot of time finding its food.

With a few simple games, it is possible to initiate this behavior in the domestic cockatiel to stimulate it. Start with easy exercises, such as hiding the feeder under a few slices of so plain paper (making sure the food remains visible), and then gradually increase the difficulty. You can then completely cover the bowl with paper or so plain to force the bird to tear the packaging, put treats in an empty box (type cardboard box of chewing gum) or in a paper rolled into a ball …

There are also in some specialized shops foraging games a little more complex.

The nodes

It is possible to find in the trade games parakeets consisting of knots. Often are included objects such as bells (beware of bells: parakeets can get stuck in them!), wooden shapes to gnaw …


Climbing toys Climb, eat, take a nap on it or just handle it, cockatiels love wooden climbing toys!

Change toys as soon as they are too worn out and buy safe items suitable for your birds, which you can rest assured that the wood is not toxic.


As a perch or even as a climbing ground, ropes can be found in many different shapes and materials. Less hygienic than other materials because they are difficult to clean, but they can be good games if they are changed regularly. Indeed, the powerful beak of the cockatiel soon gnaws the rope and cuts wires. If ingested, these threads can be a death trap for your pet’s crop.

So remember to immediately cut any wire that protrudes and change the ropes as soon as they are too worn.

The bath

Although not a game strictly speaking, since the cockatiels feel the need to bathe, the bath can be a fun moment for your birds that they will certainly appreciate.

Do not force an animal to go swimming, it would only cause panic and irremediable fear of water.

However, if you leave a slightly open faucet or a small pool with a bottom of water available, you will be able to see your birds swimming with pleasure. Some tricks exist to create a kind of fountain allowing a light trickle of water with plastic bottles to pass through.

How to make the best natural branch perch for Cockatiels DIY



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