How to choose a budgie


How To Choose A Budgie

How to choose a budgie: Acquiring a budgie is not something to be done lightly because these wonderful birds live between 9 and 14 years! Considering their longevity, before buying a budgie, you need to make sure that it is really the right bird for you and your family members. To choose a budgie, you need to know its origin, but also its personality and state of health. For the bird to live happily for years in your home, you will have to take good care of it and you must be perfectly aware that you will not be able to get rid of it overnight.

Choosing a healthy budgie

All you need to know about choosing a healthy budgie

Get the parakeet from a pet store with an excellent reputation

It is possible to find budgies in pet stores, by reading classified ads in newspapers or on the internet. First of all, make sure that the seller has a good reputation and takes care of the birds with love.

  • Consult online with the references or articles talking about the seller that you have found. Are previous buyers fully satisfied?
  • If you know people who have budgies, ask them where they got them and if they can advise you. If they have had them for a short time, even better.

Go to a pet store

Visit a pet store or go to the person offering budgies for sale. Look at the cleanliness of the cages, the appearance of the birds and observe if they appear to be well treated. Does the salesperson (or the person working in the pet store) make you feel like you really love animals and take good care of them? If not, turn around.

Talk to the seller

Ask the seller how they care for budgies. Make sure cages are cleaned regularly and see if vendors have clean hands when handling birds. It may seem trivial, but it is important for the well-being and happiness of budgies.

Examine the cages

 Parakeets should be in spacious and clean cages. Is there enough space for all the birds there to fly at ease? Are the feeder and container with the water clean? Is the bottom of the cage covered with feces or is it thoroughly cleaned? Do budgies have enough water to drink? Do birds have suitable food: seeds, vegetables, pellets? Before you decide to buy a budgie, you should start by considering the points we just mentioned.

Observe if the birds seem happy

 Do budgies interact? Look at their paws, body, and head. If budgies are healthy and happy to live, their plumage should be shiny and smooth, not ruffled. You should see some of them pecking seeds, as they must have a good appetite. Their beaks and legs should be clean. Their nostrils should be clean and nothing should block them.

  • The feathers of budgies should be smooth, shiny, and soft.
  • Birds must not have apparent deformations or protuberances.
  • The paws should be clean, without mites and there should be no impurities between their fingers.

Observe the personality and appearance of a budgie

All you need to know about the personality and appearance of the budgie

Observe a budgie that you like

When a bird is happy and healthy, it must look happy and healthy (active)! Do you see that the budgie is dynamic, moves, eats seeds, and drinks water? When a budgie is alone, it is normal for it to be quite calm, but as you approach its cage, it can fidget and tighten its feathers. Don’t worry, this behavior is normal.

  • As a rule, the budgies you will find in pet stores are not erect and will not approach your hand. You will therefore have to take the time to accustom him to your presence and gain his trust. If you want to get a parakeet that is used to humans and will ride on your hand right away, you will have to go to a bird breeder.

Select a young budgie

 It is possible to determine the age of a budgie by looking at the black streaks on its head. When less than 4 months old, the budgie has black bars on the forehead that go down to the wax.(the small fleshy protuberance above the beak). Older, these black streaks disappear.

  • If the budgie is molting, it must be about 6 months old, which is a good age to train it.

Determine the sex of the bird

 This is only important if you have a preference and is only possible when the streaks have disappeared (the budgie is more than 4 months old). Males have blue wax while females have very light blue or brown or beige wax.

  • If you want to teach your future budgie to pronounce a few words, it is better to choose a male, because they have an easier time speaking. However, by training it properly and if it is young enough, a female parakeet will often speak just as well as a male.

Pay attention to the color of the budgie

Select a bird with an attractive color(s). If the seller is reputable and the budgies are healthy, you can rely mainly on the color of your future companion. Parakeets have countless colors, so choose the one you like.


  • Before you get a budgie, make sure you have time to take proper care of it. Unfortunately, there are too many people who buy a budgie and later realize that they don’t have time to give it the attention it needs. Will you still have a few hours to give your friend every day in 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years?
  • Parakeets do not like solitude and enjoy having many activities. A budgie alone will get bored, it would be wise to take 2 so that they are happy. If your budgie has a companion, you will spend less time with her and it will also be more difficult for her to learn to speak.


  • It is recommended to observe a budgie for a while before buying it since budgies have the ability to conceal the fact that they are sick.
  • If you take a budgie in your hand, do not squeeze, it because you can scare it in the long run and hurt it.


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