How to get a budgie to trust you


How to get a budgie to trust you

How to get a budgie to trust you? How to be loved by a budgie: It can sometimes be difficult to form strong bonds with a budgie, but you can encourage the bird to approach you with a little patience. In reality, you can establish a loving relationship with your budgie if you spend enough time with her to make her feel comfortable. It only takes little things for your bird to return your affection in no time.

Get to know a budgie better

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Put your budgie at ease

A cage is a safe place for your bird, but you should integrate it enough into your family so that it gets used to seeing and hearing humans. However, make sure that this place also allows him to rest. A budgie needs ten to twelve hours of sleep each night.

  • Cover the cage when the budgie sleeps. This prevents him from seeing and blocks drafts. Also, make sure that she is not frightened by loud sounds when she sleeps.

Get closer to your budgie

Get closer to her cage every day, from the moment she seems to be comfortable where you put her and especially where she will be regularly in the presence of humans. Move slowly as you approach the cage so as not to frighten the bird [2] .

  • Speak to him in a soft voice when you are near the cage. Do not make sudden movements.
  • Stay close enough to the cage, the more you do it, the better. She will know that you are near her. You are first of all the leader of the flock with which she would have spent most of her time in nature. So it’s best to spend as much time with her as possible.

Hold your hand closer

Start by gently putting your hand near the cage or placing it near the bird. Do not move your hand if he moves away from you. Instead, keep it in one place and talk to the bird, read to it, or whatever. The goal is to get the budgie used to your hands and your presence. Don’t just scare the bird.

Educating the budgie with the hand


All you need to know about educating the budgie with the hand

Approach the budgie from inside the cage

 It’s time to do the same inside the cage, from the moment the bird has become familiar with your hand. Put your hand inside the cage and leave it still for a moment. It’s especially effective if you do it while holding a treat, such as a millet seed. This will gain the trust of the bird.

  • Gradually bring your hand closer to the bird. It is likely that the bird will start eating you in the hand if you present it with a treat.
  • The budgie will probably be inclined to jump on your hand to reach the treat if you corner it in a place in the cage where it cannot grab it, either on a perch or on one side of the cage.

Teach the bird to perch on your finger

Try to do this without food by slowly bringing your finger closer and gently stroking the base of the belly near the paws, after feeding the bird by hand for some time.

  • The budgie can leave your finger quickly, but keep trying. Just try not to rush the bird too much. Give him some time to recover between your attempts and keep moving slowly. Be patient and your bird will eventually jump on your finger on its own. 

Take the budgie out of the cage

 The next step in learning with the hand is to get the bird out of the cage perched on your finger. The budgie may jump close to the exit, as it feels safer inside the cage. Keep trying, though, just like you did to make it eat in your hand or rest on your finger. The budgie will eventually trust you enough to get out of the cage with you.

Exchange with the budgie

All you need to know about exchanging with the budgie

Talk to him often

Every time you pass the budgie’s cage, stop for a minute and talk to him. The bird may end up repeating what you say to you if you say the same expressions or sounds (such as a whistle) when you talk to it. A parakeet can express itself in the same way as any other pet bird.

  • The budgie will also have greater confidence in you when you talk to him, which can result in a very affectionate bird. 

Try petting your budgie

 Parakeets can sometimes groom each other. As you are part of his flock, your budgie may appreciate you gently stroking his feathers in different places. Try gently scratching his head, stroking his back, or rubbing his belly.

Always try to handle your budgie very carefully

 They are very delicate little birds. Take it easy when handling the bird and you will have a more confident pet, which can result in a more loving relationship with it.

  • Never hit the bird or do anything too brutal.

Caring for the budgie


All you need to know about budgie

Offer the budgie a varied diet

A full bird is a happy bird, especially if what you give it is not boring. Give the budgie seeds, granules, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Start with natural granules that don’t contain added colors or sugar.
  • Give the seeds separately without mixing them with the granules.
  • Certain foods should be avoided, including avocados, eggplants, mushrooms, onions, and many others.

Offer enough toys to your budgie

A budgie is very playful, so toys will make her very happy and more affectionate. Give him shiny toys, swings, circles, bells, and more.

Keep the cage clean

Parakeets appreciate a clean interior, as is the case with humans. The only difference is that the bird lives near its droppings. Keeping the cage clean will reduce this exposure and keep the bird pretty and healthy.

  • Provide the budgie with adequate perches. Varied perch diameters such as natural tree branches offer the budgie physical activity in addition to what it can have outside its cage.


  • Do not put on gloves when handling your budgie. Birds are naturally frightened by hands and gloves only mimic this shape and make them feel bigger. This will actually teach your bird to stop trusting you.

How to Make Your Budgie Trust You

SOURCE:Salvador Budgie

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