How to make budgie happy


How to make budgie happy

How to make budgie happy: Budgies Parakeets and other birds are feathered companions who simply enjoy being played with. They are easy to entertain and will attach themselves to you. Make a little effort to entertain them and they will stay fit and happy for many years. In the absence of a large aviary, they will need a spacious cage with congeners and daily outings.

Making a cage interesting

All you need to know to make a cage interesting for budgies bird

Offer interesting food

 A good diet for budgies consists mainly of seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to add pellets to his diet as well, as a diet exclusively in the form of seeds can lead to obesity.

  • Vary the presentation of food to make it more interesting for the bird. Swap certain elements of the food to put variety in what you offer it.
  • Never give avocado, chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol to your bird. They are toxic to him.
  • Make sure the bird has enough water in its tank. Add water if the level is low enough in his dish. Change the water every day to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • Add a cuttlefish bone. It is a good natural source of calcium for birds. You can also be offered mineral blocks for calcium intake.
  • Do not give the bird fruits or vegetables that are too rich in water, as this can give it diarrhea. The latter can dehydrate the bird and can cause it to die if left untreated.

Add a few perches

 These are great ways to put the bird at ease in its cage. Parakeets are very active birds that will enjoy all kinds of perches in their habitat.

  • Try to vary the types of perches so as not to bore your bird. Find elements of different thicknesses, shapes, and textures.
  • Rearrange and swap these perches weekly. This allows you to clean those that the bird does not use momentarily and keep it in a stimulating environment.
  • Be sure to keep the perches stable to avoid injuring the bird.
  • Check that the type of wood chosen, such as eucalyptus, is suitable for the bird.
  • Natural wooden perches are excellent choices, as their irregular shapes keep the bird’s legs strong and healthy.
  • Plywood or plastic perches can cause problems with the legs because they are not used enough.
  • You should avoid certain species of wood. Do not use prunus or oak perches, as they may contain cyanotic resin as well as tannins. These chemicals can harm your bird.
  • Also try to avoid concrete perches, as they are too hard for the bird’s legs.
  • Do not clutter the bird’s cage with too many toys or perches. Your budgie must be able to spread its wings and move.

Weigh the pros and cons of a mirror

You can entertain your bird for hours by adding a mirror to its cage. Be aware, however, that there is always debate about the psychological damage it can cause.

  • Consider a second bird instead of the mirror. Parakeets love company and will be happier talking to a real budgie rather than their reflection.
  • Make sure the mirror is securely attached to the cage and does not pose a risk to your bird if you plan to install one.
  • Opt for a mirror offered in a pet store. You will be given one that is specially designed for birds.
  • Don’t just put any mirror in the cage. Bird mirrors are usually mounted on a plastic frame to prevent any sharp angle from injuring your bird.

Examine the size of the cage

It should be the right size to house your bird. The size of the bird will obviously determine the size of the cage you will need. There are a few basic criteria to follow when choosing the right cage for your bird.

  • Avoid round cages. They may be pretty, but they are not spacious enough for the bird to flutter.
  • Your bird should at least be able to fully spread its wings and flutter when it is in the cage.
  • Keep in mind how many birds you will keep in this cage. The more birds you have, the more room you will need in the cage. For one or two birds, the dimensions are identical, at least 75 x 45 X 75 cm for wavy.
  • Make sure the cage is easy to clean. A clean cage will keep your bird happy and healthy.

Occupy your budgie

All you need to know about how to occupy your budgie

Talk to him often

Your bird loves to interact with you and will probably be very talkative. Keeping him company will keep him happy and well-adapted while becoming more attached to you.

  • Try reading to him or just talking to him about your day.
  • Birds belonging to the breed of parrots listen to you more than you think. You should use correct language if you don’t want them to come out of profanity.

Play with him

A budgie likes exchanges with its owner. Try different games to see which one your bird enjoys the most.

  • Birds love to play with their beaks.
  • You can teach yours to climb on your finger. Put a few seeds on your finger and let the bird peck them. Gently caress his belly and he will want to jump on your finger.
  • Try to teach him tricks. Buy a bird ladder and put your feathered boyfriend on the first rung. He will learn to climb it.
  • Put your budgie on a tennis ball and let it find its balance. Encourage her with a treat. Your budgie will eventually jump on the ball on its own.
  • Every time your bird goes up or down, tell itto go upordownand accompany it with a wave of your hand. Your bird will understand these gestures and obey your orders.

Let the bird fly freely in a room

He will appreciate the opportunity to fly free in a secure room. Parakeets are migratory birds and very active, so they will greatly appreciate the opportunity to fly free. You can let your bird fly around the room by keeping the doors and windows closed.

  • Turn off the lights except for one to remind your bird or leave a curtain open. The bird will fly in the direction of the light. Retrieve the bird, hold it gently, and put it back in the cage.
  • Offer him a playful perch where he can stand when he is not in his cage.
  • Ensure the safety of the bird. Keep the cat away and consider possible loopholes or dangers.
  • Think about your own hygiene. Your bird will probably forget itself on the ground. Do not let it fly in a room covered with a carpet or rug.
  • Always watch your bird when it is out of its cage so that it does not hurt itself.
  • Don’t force him to leave his cage if he’s not in the mood to do so.

Introduce him to other places in your interior

A new environment can be stimulating for your bird. Putting it on your shoulders to walk through your home can be a great way to spend time together.

  • Talk to the bird when it is perched on your shoulder.
  • Let him discover other places like the top of your dressing table or bedside table.
  • Always watch the bird as it explores the environment on its own. Keep it safe from harm’s way.
  • Make sure that all the places you show him around are free of danger. Keep cats or other pets at bay, close doors and windows, and turn off fans.
  • Be careful when you are in certain rooms. You can release toxic substances into the air if you cook or clean next to the bird. Dust, cigarette smoke, and especially Teflon from a pan can damage the bird’s respiratory tract.

How to make budgie happy

Care for a budgie

Provide entertainment in your absence

All you need to know about Providing entertainment in your absence for your budgie

Introduce him to a new budgie

How many budgies should I get?

Parakeets love company and will accept a new friend, especially if you are often outdoors.

  • Separate the two birds first. Put them in two different cages to allow them to observe each other.
  • Bring the cages closer together if the interactions are very positive.
  • You can put them together to make a bigger one. They will get used to each other.
  • If a conflict breaks out, separate the birds and try to reunite them later.

Turn on the radio

Your bird may feel very lonely and depressed if you are away often. It’s always a good idea to turn on the radio or TV to provide entertainment for your bird.

  • You can also record your voice and play it when you’re away.
  • Make sure you put on the music you like. Your bird may start singing the tune it has heard.
  • Consider the language used on radio or television broadcasts, as the bird may repeat some dialogue if you choose this solution.
  • Think about volume. You do not need to leave too loud a sound, because the bird must also be able to sleep.

How to make budgie happy

How to play with a budgie

Give him enough toys

Parakeets are playful birds that love to have fun. You can buy all kinds of them in your favorite pet store. You can offer him an assortment of toys to gnaw, discover and climb.

  • A bird needs at least one new toy per month. Toys are a necessity for birds, not a luxury.
  • Change toys regularly so as not to annoy your bird and find time to clean them.
  • Toys will keep your bird busy and keep it happy.
  • Try different toys to find out which ones the bird likes the most.
  • Any metal should be avoided, with the exception of stainless steel, as it may contain zinc .?
  • Always check that the toys are safe and make sure that the bird cannot get stuck in them.
  • Make sure the toys are the right size for your bird.

Budgies Talk

Place the cage near a window

This can offer him an entertaining perspective on the outside world. Your bird will enjoy watching everything that happens outside while you’re away.

  • Avoid a window exposed to direct sunlight. This may be too hot and bright to keep your bird comfortable.
  • Check that the window is not producing drafts. Do not put the bird near a window that allows cold air to pass through, as this is dangerous for its health.
  • Make sure the window is closed. Do not take any chances, even if the bird is in its cage. He may find a way out or something may get into the cage if the window is open.


  • Carefully monitor your bird for signs of illness (if it is sitting on the cage floor and out of breath or not eating).


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