How to play with a budgie


How to play with a budgie

How to play with a budgie: Belonging to the Psittacidae family, wavy parakeets are adorable little birds native to Australia. These animals are quite popular because they are affectionate, playful, sociable, and playful. It is always necessary to keep several together in a large cage from which they can leave daily. For them to be fulfilled it is also important to play regularly with them.

Making preparations


All you need to know about making preparation for budgie

Get budgie toys

Parakeets need many toys for fun, as they are very active birds. However, do not fill her cage with objects, because your friend needs space to move. Remember that the cage is your bird’s home.

  • Select toys that are made with natural materials, such as rope, so your friend can chew on them. This is important so that your companion properly maintains his beak and does not get bored by being alone in his cage. Parakeet rings are perfect items, as you can hang them on perches. Also, choose small lightweight toys and small softballs. They should be natural, as your friend can swallow small pieces of them and their texture should resemble what she would encounter in nature. Choose wood, paper, or toys made from plants.

Give him a gym

 Your new friend loves hanging herself from objects, climbing, and bells that make noise. She also likes to rub her head on objects and chew on them. So go to the pet store nearest you and look for objects she can climb on as well as other toys that allow her to exercise. Choose colorful toys made with wood and always make sure that what you buy is not toxic to your budgie. There are devices imitating trees with swings, cords, and perches placed at different levels.

  • There are also nets that budgies can climb on and that you can place under the gum tree. With a net, you will diversify the activities, your friend likes to go up and down …

Place a swing in the cage

Most budgies love to hang or swing. You can buy a swing at a pet store or make it yourself with a piece of cord and one or two pieces of wood! Then place the swing in your friend’s cage so she can have fun safely whenever she wants. [4].

  • Some swings are equipped with bells, which your new friend will normally like very much. The swings are sometimes made
    of gum, so your bird will be able to chew it, but beware of the toxicity of the object!

Arrange a room

To let your friend get out of her cage and have fun with space (birds are made to fly), you must start by setting up a room in which she can have fun. When you get the budgie out of its cage, you should always be in the same room, as it could hurt itself or chew something it shouldn’t. Remember to close the windows and not leave the cat in the same room! Here’s what you need to do.

  • Close windows and cover them and mirrors with cloth, as she could injure herself or even kill herself by hitting them in mid-flight.
  • Also, close the doors of the room and warn everyone in the house that you are going to take your friend out of her cage so that someone does not enter the room, as she could run away.
  • Get any other animal out (not just the cat), to avoid problems.
  • Remove houseplants that are toxic from the room.
  • Turn off the fans (on the feet or ceiling) so that your budgie does not get hurt. Also make sure that there is no surface that is too hot, for example, a hot plate or radiator.
  • Cover containers containing water or other liquids such as aquariums.
  • Unplug lights or electrical appliances and hide cables so your friend doesn’t chew them for fun.

Playing with a budgie

All you need to know about playing with a budgie

Play with your budgie for 10 to 15 minutes

 Do this 2-3 times every day. By playing with your bird, you will strengthen the bonds that unite you and it will be more receptive to what you want to teach it. Play with the parakeet at regular times, every day, but for no more than 15 minutes at each game session. By avoiding sessions that are too long and too frequent, your budgie will have time to entertain himself without getting tired.

Change toys every week

It is important to regularly change the toys you use to have fun with your budgie so that she is happy. Do this weekly by varying the colors, textures, and functions of the items. It is not necessarily necessary to buy new things every week, you can make a shift and change place the toys in his cage.

  • From time to time, place your budgie’s cage in different places in the room. She will have a different view of the world and hear the sounds of the house and outside in various ways. This will prevent him from getting bored while taking an interest in his environment.

Play with a small mirror

Parakeets love interactions. So you should take this into account when playing with your friend. An interesting game is to bring a small mirror and hold it in front of the bird. It is possible to do this both inside and outside the cage .

  • Take the mirror in your fingers and hold it about ten centimeters in front of your bird. He should normally run to the mirror.
  • When the budgie moves in the direction of the mirror, change its place so that your friend chases it.
  • Keep doing this a few times so that your budgie chases his image in the mirror (but not for long, this game should be short).
  • When you stop this game, reward her with a treat.

Play hide-and-seek!

Preferably play this game in a room that your friend is not familiar with. You can do this in your garage or in a bedroom, but remember to close all exits. !

  • Put your friend on the floor at one end of the room and then walk away a bit. Tell him to find me! and get a little further away. Hide behind a corner of a wall or behind a sofa, or a piece of furniture, but look at the bird making sure it sees you. Get far enough away so that your friend has to walk a good distance to reach you.
  • If the budgie doesn’t seem to find you, call her by saying her name (you found her a nice name, didn’t you?) If you have a close relationship with the budgie, she will approach you so as not to stay alone in a place she does not know. Once she finds you, praise her and give her a treat

Play the game of stairs

 To play this game, you will have to ask someone for help (you must be 2 people) and the stairs must be covered with carpet or a surface that does not slip. One person must be at the bottom of the stairs and the other at the top. The person at the top will put the bird next to him and encourage the budgie to come down while the person at the bottom of the stairs will call him by name telling him to go down.!

  • Your friend should go down the stairs and use her wings to get to the bottom. When the budgie has arrived at its destination, praise it and reward it with a treat.

Play to bring back

 If you want to have a really active gaming session, you can play this game with your budgie even if it is quite complicated.

  • Bring a very small ball, very light and soft. Gently throw it in the direction of your budgie and tell it to catch. Your friend should then take the small ball with her beak. When she does this, praise her and give her a treat.
  • Now that she’s holding it, ask your friend to bring you the little ball. If the budgie approaches you with the ball in its beak, pronounce bring! When she arrives near you, praise her cheerfully and offer her a treat.
Get her out of her cage. Let your friend out of her cage every day at the same time so she can fly for a while! You can play with her during this period. If she expresses the desire, let her play on her gymnastics tree or on the swing. You can use a toy to interact with her. Perform this game session every day at the same time so that it becomes a routine, a ritual. After a while, your friend should return to her cage on her own.

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