Iago in aladdin


It looks like a small parrot close to the red macaw with teeth. It has a large orange beak, it is all red except at the tips of the wings and tail.

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Iago Aladin


Iago assists Jafar in his Machiavellian quest

Iago is Jafar’s right-hand man and assists him in his Machiavellian plans, sharing his desire for control. He has few scruples by not being saddened by Gazeem’s death or by inducing Jafar to marry Jasmine without taking into account her desires. The only friendly relationship Jafar seems to have is the one he has with his parrot Iago with whom he shares all his plans and shares his power.

It would be possible that he feels the need to alleviate his loneliness or that he simply likes to have a partner in his shenanigans. He resents the parrot for betraying him in the sequel released directly on video and gives him the opportunity to redeem himself by taking advantage of the closeness he has established with Aladdin and his family. It is also possible that he sees it only as an object as long as he does not hesitate to suffocate it so that he stops talking. Iago expresses to himself his annoyance at being treated like a servant when he steals the lamp from Aladdin and he ends up getting so tired of Jafar that he gives up in a well.

iago aladdin

Iago was frustrated to see his intelligence underestimated

Before his master takes power, Iago pretends to be a brainless parrot so as not to attract suspicion, but actually hates to be treated as such, abhorring the Sultan who gave him cookies. He later becomes sadistic by doing the same with the ruler while the latter is a prisoner of Jafar, which explains the Sultan’s enormous aversion to Iago in the sequel. He is actually very intelligent and knows how to make plans to guarantee his status or acquire wealth.

Iago and abu

Iago retains his greed even after his redemption

He is thus largely selfish, even after redeeming himself, and often seeks to enrich himself or take advantage of each situation. However, Iago gradually changes in contact with Aladdin who shows generosity to him after he saves and, if he probably did first to improve his situation, he sacrifices himself at the end of the feature film. If he agrees to ally himself again with Jafar for fear of the latter and therefore out of an instinct for self-preservation, he blames himself for the kindness that Aladdin and Jasmine give him, which shows that his consciousness has developed and he has become more altruistic. It is possible that his previous lack of compassion was due to a lack of consideration in his past. While he always tries to protect himself from danger, Iago is also worried about the safety of the people he loves. In the episode The Secret of the Steel Rock, he refuses a dangerous mission, then, too anxious about the fate of his friends, he goes to save them.

Aladdin (1992)

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Iago and Jafar in front of the Cave of Wonders

One night, Jafar and Iago wait in the desert for Gazeem’s arrival. He gives the vizier what he got after a series of murders: half of a golden beetle. Jafar connects it to the other half he already has in his possession and the insect is active to spin through the desert. Jafar and Gazeem chase him on camels until the beetle implants in the stable to bring out a gigantic tiger’s head. This is the entrance to the Cave of Wonders and warns that only the one with a heart as pure as a diamond can enter. Jafar urges Gazeem to try while Iago questions the choice of such an individual, but Jafar urges him to remain silent. Gazeem is very apprehensive and puts a foot in the tiger’s mouth. Nothing happens at first, but the head soon screams and closes on the bandit. The beetle splits in two again, and the voice of the tiger says that it is necessary to find the “rough diamond”. Jafar recovers the beetle and considering that Gazeem was not worth much, is determined to find this individual.

jafar lago and sultan

Iago facing the Sultan

Back in Agrabah, Jafar finds the Sultan who is happy to see him, and gave Iago cookies much to the chagrin of the parrot. He informs her that his daughter Jasmine has again refused a suitor. Jafar agrees to help her, but only in exchange for her sapphire ring. The Sultan is reluctant because it is a family property. Jafar then hypnotizes him with his scepter to get him and makes him play with his trinkets. On his way out, Iago strongly criticized the ruler and Jafar assured him that he did not intend to remain under his authority.

Later, in his laboratory, he joins the ring to a clepsydra and makes an Iago pedal to feed energy that allows the emergence of a vision in the object. Jafar wants to see the “rough diamond” he is looking for and an image of Aladdin climbing into his modest home with Princess Jasmine in disguise. Iago does not understand how such a person can fit the profile and ends up tripping, but Jafar is very satisfied with his discovery.

He had the young man arrested by Razoul and his men. Jasmine objects, but the captain tells her that she must tell Jafar. She confronts him as he discreetly comes out of a secret passage in the wall, closing it on Iago so as not to reveal it. Jasmine is furious at her decision and orders that Aladdin be released, but Jafar defends himself by arguing that Aladdin was a thief and that he only enforced the Sultan’s law. Jasmine reveals that he is her friend and Jafar then lies by telling him, allegedly reluctantly, that Aladdin was executed by beheading. Jasmine is griefed and runs away, leaving a satisfied Jafar who tells Iago, who has freed herself, that she has taken the news rather well.

iago disney

Iago advises Jafar to marry Jasmine

Aladdin being locked in the dungeon, Jafar disguises himself as an old man and offers the young man to free him in exchange for the lamp he finds in the Cave of Wonders. But, Jafar fails because he abandons Aladdin and Abu in the Cave, while the sign has stolen the lamp from him. Back at the palace, the Sultan, warned by Jasmine, reprimands Jafar for ordering an execution without informing him and urges him to always do so in the future. Jafar apologized amply and the Sultan immediately forgave him, encouraging his daughter and advisor to reconcile. Jasmine warns Jafar that she will get rid of him when she is in power, which the vizier tries to take with humor. She leaves, followed by her father who is still trying to persuade her to marry. Iago and the vizier again criticize those they serve and the latter regrets not having obtained the lamp. He is aware that he will have to be submissive to the princess and the one who will become her husband. Iago then has the idea that Jafar could be this husband. As the princess’s husband, he would become the Sultan’s successor. He would be delighted to see his problem solved. Jafar is delighted with the idea and laughs with Iago as he sits on the throne.

Jafar goes to see the Sultan as he builds a pyramid of figurines, causing it to collapse. He says he has found a solution to the marital problem by proposing himself as his husband. The Sultan is reluctant to find Jafar too old for Jasmine and the vizier uses hypnosis to persuade him. The Sultan is more resistant but is about to succumb to persuasion when the trance is interrupted by sounds of fanfare outside. The ruler runs to the balcony, followed by Jafar and Iago. They observe a gigantic parade announcing the arrival of the wealthy and charming Prince Alice, whose innumerable merits are praised by the Genie disguised as multiple characters. Even Iago is sensitive to this enthusiasm, which offends Jafar. The Sultan is amazed and will open the door of the palace. Jafar blocks her and she is then pinned to him by Abu’s force, transformed into an elephant.

iago parrot

Iago and Jafar distrust Ali

The parade goes as far as the Sultan and Prince Alice to meet him while Jafar brings out all his suits. Prince Ali, actually Aladdin in disguise, says he has come to propose to Princess Jasmine and the Sultan is very enthusiastic about the idea by “reassuring” Jafar that he will not have to do it himself after all. Jafar tries to express reservations, but Sultan does not share his opinion, judging himself as an expert in gauging people’s personalities. He asks Ali if he can take a ride on his flying carpet, which the prince accepts. Jafar tries to stop him by putting his scepter on the carpet, but the Sultan does not appreciate that his advisor spoils his pleasure. While the ruler makes a trip, pursuing Iago, Jafar constantly misunderstands the pronunciation of the prince’s name and tries to find out more about his origins, but it remains vague. The Sultan finishes his trip and wants to introduce Ali to Jasmine, but Jafar says they don’t know him and there is no guarantee that he would be good for the princess. Ali highlights his wealth and the three are then surprised by Jasmine who strongly criticizes them to decide his future for him. She leaves claiming that no one will force her into marriage. The Sultan reassures Alice that she will change her mind while Jafar begins to plot against him.

In the evening, after Aladdin makes a trip with Jasmine on the Flying Carpet, the young man is abruptly arrested by the guards who, on Jafar’s orders, throw him into the sea with a ball attached to his leg.

Back at the palace, Jafar hypnotizes the Sultan to tell Jasmine that she must marry his advisor. Jasmine doesn’t understand her father’s attitude and says she loves Prince Ali. Jafar informs him that Ali is gone when Aladdin appears, who has been saved by the Genie. He accuses Jafar of attempted murder, but the vizier continues to hypnotize the Sultan with his scepter. Understanding, Aladdin takes it from him to break it and the Sultan regains consciousness. The sovereign is furious at the betrayal of his advisor and orders that he be arrested. Jafar tries to defend himself and notices the lamp in Aladdin’s flashlight, inferring Prince Ali’s true identity. He swears that they will see each other again and drops a vial that causes an explosion of smoke and the vizier disappears.

He then goes to his laboratory and Iago prepares their suitcases for their exile in a hurry, but Jafar starts laughing in an insane way. Iago believes he has gone crazy and hits his turban when Jafar grabs him by the neck and reveals that Ali is actually Aladdin and that he is in possession of the lamp. He instructs the parrot to steal the object.


Iago steals the lamp from Aladdin

Iago succeeds, and as the Sultan prepares to proclaim his daughter’s engagement, Jafar anticipates that they will not be happy for long. He goes to his lair to rub the lamp and thus summon the Genie who is offended by Aladdin who does not think he keeps his promise to make him free. The Genie quickly notices that his master has changed and Jafar puts him on the ground to strengthen his authority over him. Jafar wishes to become Sultan and the Genie soon gigantic to move the palace on a mountain under a sky that has become apocalyptic. The Sultan and Jasmine do not understand until the ruler’s costume is transferred to Jafar. The former vizier orders them to kneel before him. The Sultan is ready to do so, but Jasmine refuses. Jafar is furious and wishes to become the greatest sorcerer in the world, the Evil Evil obeying in spite of himself. Equipped with a new costume, Jafar forces the Sultan and his daughter to kneel by magic. He also turns Rajah into a tigron. Aladdin tries to intervene, but Jafar casts a spell that reveals his true identity and status as a “street rat” while the young man, whose real name Jasmine knew, still denied his social background. Aladdin tries to explain himself, but Jafar teleports him with Abu and the Carpet in a tower that he ejects like a golf ball to the North Pole. He says goodbye with a wave of his hand before laughing hysterically at Jasmine and her father.