Introducing a New Bird to your Parrot


introducing new parakeet

Would you like to adopt a new feathered companion Getting a Second Bird? But do you already own a parrot? Are you wondering if it is possible to make them cohabit? Introducing a New Bird to your Parrot

Then you have come to the right place! We’ve helped thousands of homeowners get their feather dusters together.

To introduce a new bird to your parrot, you will need to be patient and go gradually. If the introduction is too abrupt, your parrot might perceive it as a violation of territory.


Introducing a New Bird to your Parrot

In this article, you will discover the steps to follow to succeed in bringing together your birds.

After reading this article, you will therefore be ready to adopt a new companion and have him live together with confidence.

Let’s find out all about it now!

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How to Introduce a New Bird to Your Parrot

The child and the parrot

You are not alone if you already own a parrot and plan to add another bird to your family. Many bird owners end up deciding to adopt several feathered friends when they find out how nice it is to have one around.

Parrots are known to be creatures of fussy habits, and adding a new bird to your home can easily put stress on your existing pet. In order to ease any resistance and make the transition as smooth as possible, there are a few steps you can take to introduce both birds. By doing it right, you can show your bird that your new pet is a friend and not an enemy.

How to Introduce Two Parrots

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1) Quarantine the new bird

A rule of thumb with most pet bird owners is that a new bird should be quarantined for a period of time before introducing it to parrots you already have.

This accomplishes two important things:

  • Keep your bird safe
  • Give it time to adjust to the presence of the new bird.

Quarantine greatly reduces the risk of your new bird transmitting contagious diseases to your existing pet.

Keeping the newcomer in a separate area not only protects your parrot from any aerial illnesses but also gives you time to safely observe the bird for any outward signs of illness.

At the same time, your parrot will have the opportunity to hear the song of the new bird. Over time, he will get used to the bird’s voice and presence.

Too early direct interaction can be seen as intimidating or a violation of your bird’s established territory.

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Parrot Toys


2) Slowly bring the birds together

Once the quarantine period is over, it remains important to slowly introduce your parrots to each other. Even parrots of the same species don’t necessarily become best friends right away.

Oftentimes, one of the birds will attempt to assert dominance over the other, which can lead to some nasty fights if you’re not careful.

To help your birds get to know each other slowly, place your new Parrot cage in the room where your older bird is. Allow your parrots to observe each other from a distance for several days.

As they get used to each other, you will be able to identify the signs that show that they are more and more comfortable getting closer to each other.

During this time, be patient and don’t push the limits of the two birds.

3) Offer treats simultaneously

Sometimes it helps to bribe your birds to get along.

One of the easiest ways is to get each bird to form positive associations with the other by offering them treats. The ideal time to start is near the end of the quarantine phase.

When you’re ready for the birds to see each other, just bring your new bird’s cage into the room. Offer the two birds several tasty treats while they are together in the same room.

After a few minutes, the new cage back in the quarantine area and repeat the process later.

It is important to leave both birds in their cages during this introductory phase. Otherwise, fights and injuries can occur if the uncaged bird charges the territory of whoever is behind bars.

Introducing a New Bird to your Parrot

All what you need to know about parrots

4) practice activities with your feather dusters

The later phases of introducing a new bird are a good time to start practicing friendship-building techniques with both birds. Simple things like sharing foodgrooming, and playing can greatly improve your relationship with your two feathered friends.

When you feel your birds are ready, let them watch you interact with each other from their separate cages.

While it is possible that some older birds may behave jealously, this may prompt others to accept the new bird as a member of the aviary.

introducing new parakeet

5) try group training with your birds

Even when your birds are comfortable playing in the same room, out of their cage, it may take some time before they are actually ready to play together.

A good way to speed up the process is to try Parrot training with both of your pets.

Your birds will receive a lot of positive reinforcement from all of the delicious treats they gain during their joint training session. Also, you will enhance the feeling of camaraderie by interacting with each other like a small herd.

6) Animal problems and behavior

Parrot behavior: If at any time during the presentations you notice either bird getting uncomfortable, take a step back. Keep in mind that birds can be sensitive and one of your birds may not be ready to move as fast as you want.

Slow down or go to the previous step and don’t move forward until your birds have fully accepted this part of the process. Some birds will take longer than others, which is why it is important to follow the evolution according to the animal.

Your parrot may never accept a new bird. Be prepared to make other arrangements if necessary. This may mean that you will always have to keep the birds in separate rooms and ensure that the door is closed whenever a bird comes out of its cage.

Unfortunately, if you are having trouble finding harmony in the house at all, you may be better off considering finding a new home for the new bird. Some birds simply have an interest in being the only pets, and this difficult decision may be what works best for both birds.

Introducing Parrots to Each Other

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Keep Your Volatiles Safe During Collective Training!

As you can see, it is possible to have your parrot cohabit with other birds. But it will take patience and listening to your animals.

Thanks to this article, you will know all the steps to follow to try the experience.

Once you have arrived at the stage where the two birds will be outside their cage, we advise you to use a harness in order to have full control over the situation.



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