Leaving parakeet while vacation


Leaving parakeet while vacation

Leaving parakeet while vacationing? Do you own a parrot and want to go on vacation? Are you worried that he will experience separation badly? Or maybe you are afraid that no one will be able to take good care of him?  

We’ve done our research and know exactly how to help.

When you own a parrot and decide to go on vacation, you have several choices. You can either decide to travel with your tropical bird or decide to hire a pet sitter.

In this article you will discover:

  • The essential things to do before leaving
  • How and by whom to keep your pet
  • How to be totally reassured during your trip

Owning a psittacid will never be an obstacle to family travel again. You will be able to leave in all relaxation.

Enough wasted time, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Go on Vacation without your Parrot

Many people worry that new locations and new keepers will harm their pet birds. They think that if they leave, their little one might be very anxious during this time, be afraid or become depressed and refuse to eat. In fact, this concern is very often unfounded.


The birds are creatures that adapt well to changing times. Our captive pet birds are not much different from their wild counterparts. Wild birds have been adapting to family changes, climatic changes, and even seasonal changes for eons.

In nature, birds have to be flexible and they also have to solve new problems every day; adaptability, therefore, comes naturally to them.

Know that it is possible to leave your parrot alone at home. Only if the duration of your absence does not exceed 2 days. It will of course be necessary to leave him food and water accordingly. Avoid foods that are susceptible to mold as this could put your health at risk.

Keeping your exotic bird

If you don’t know someone who is responsible enough to provide for your parrot’s daily needs, there are many professional pet-sitters who can help. They have the experience to provide excellent care for many species of exotic animals.

For starters, you can check with local veterinary technicians, as many of them have side jobs like pet sitting. Especially for animals with more important needs.

There are two ways to make sure your birds are well looked after when you need to leave the house. You can either entrust your bird to a reputable person or have that person come in every day to take care of it.

Some people prefer the keeper to come a few times a day because they find it less traumatic than moving the bird and all of its belongings to a new location. The best place to choose is where your hooked beak can get the most attention and watchful eyes.

To find an animal sitter in your area, several specialized sites exist. In France for example, is perfect to meet your expectations.

You just have to choose the dates and the frequency of visits to find a healer nearby. The first prices start at around  12.50$ per visit.

Presentation of the Guardian and Transport

Whenever possible, the best way to prepare for your pet’s vacation is to invite your chosen carer over to your home. This will allow him to already meet your bird. This way you can find out in advance if there are any problems with introducing a new person.

During the presentation, ask your pet sitter to put the evening meal of their favorite foods in the birdcage. All this, while watching and talking to your little guy to help reassure him about his new friend.

It is important to try this pairing when there is still time to change your plans. Some well-meaning friends may not realize that they are actually afraid of birds. They can especially be afraid of big beaks. People who don’t have pets may find they are allergic to feathers or have problems with cage smells or screaming noises. It is important to find out about these issues before you leave so that you are not caught off guard.

If you are taking your bird to a new location, put a seat belt harness around the cage or attach it to the car seat. Remember to remove all drinkers and feeders before departure. The cages jostle a bit too much when you break or stop at a stop sign. It can be a traumatic experience for your feathered friend.

In order to move your animal without rushing it, we offer our transport cages. They are very practical and easily fixed in the car. They allow you to move your animal smoothly.

Discover them by clicking on the image below.

Go on Vacation when you have a Parrot

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Holidays for your Parrot

Birds, like other pets, have fond memories of their living conditions at home:

  • Their favorite food
  • Environmental objects (like a familiar houseplant next to their cage)
  • Their favorite toys
  • The fabric used to cover the cage at night

These elements will help them feel that some things have not changed.

It is very interesting to ask your pet sitter to come up with new games to play with your parrot. But there is an important rule regarding bird cages in new places. Most of the time, these new locations have not been made secure. This includes the use of window guards, electrical cable covers, and other potential hazards. That is why the bird on vacation should stay safe in its cage.
If your vacation sitter has another animal or bird in their home, it is best if your bird is kept in a separate room. Because getting used to other creatures is difficult for any pet and should be done gradually.

The ideal location is near a bright, closed window, but far from all heating and cooling elements in the room.

Relax and enjoy

Just because you are away from your bird doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on it. Whenever you travel, use video chat to get a real-time overview of the condition of the cage and your little companion.

This will give you peace of mind until you return home. Your parrot may also be reassured to hear your voice.

Go on Vacation when you have a Parrot

How to travel with a parrot by plane

Return Home for your Parrot

Depending on how long you’ve been away, your tropical bird may behave a little differently once you get home. He may turn his back on you or seem to be annoying you for a while.

Don’t panic, this usually only lasts a day or two. You can then tell him about your adventures and have fun together.

Prevent your Feathered Friend from getting bored!

As you can see, going on a trip when you have a feather duster requires organization. But if you know how to do it, it becomes child’s play.

With all this information, you are now able to leave with peace of mind. Your pet will not miss anything.

To make sure he doesn’t get bored while you are away, we have several parrot toys available to you. They will help your companion to have fun and not suffer when you leave.

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