Military parrot


Military parrot

The Scarlet Macaw

Military parrot (Ara militaris) (Scarlet Macaw) is a species of bird in the Psittacidae family

Despite its name (due to its predominant green plumage), it has no difference in temperament compared to other birds of its genus.

This large green parrot with blue rump and a red forehead. Its legs are dark gray, its beak black and the iris of the eye yellow. It weighs around 900 g.


It lives in the mountains, in temperate semi-arid regions and tropical forests, near rivers. It also frequents the coastal zone. During summer, it can be found at altitudes up to 2,500 m. In winter, it descends into large ravines.


It lives in Mexico (western and eastern Sierra Madre) and the boreal Andes.


It nests in holes dug by peaks and cavities in limestone cliffs. The female generally lays 2 or 3 eggs and the incubation lasts between 25 and 28 days.


It feeds among others on fruits, nuts, and tender buds, particularly Oenocarpus bataua, Melia azedarach

His tendency to eat clay gives him the ability to eat certain fruits filled with toxins


It is notably hunted by the harpy eagle.


It usually flies in pairs, sometimes in groups. It can also hover. Its beak is well adapted to the movement of the bird: it serves as a third foot when it climbs. Its multicolored feathers are still today ornaments sought after by the Indians. Parrots are often threatened by animal trafficking. Its habitat is very fragmented, and therefore the species is considered endangered.

Ara Militaris

Military parrot

Order: Psittaciformes                                                                    Famille: Psittacidae

 Appendix I of CITES detention subject to administrative authorization

Sex: No sexual dimorphism


  • Large parrots characterized by very long blue, yellow and red caudals
  • Globally green body with blue feathers, red mask and rim-red eyes around the eyes

Character: parrot rather independent whose cries very powerful can generate the neighborhood. A disadvised to the beginners

Weight: 900 – 1100 g

Scarlet Macaw

Military parrot

Military macaw

Do military macaws talk?

Train-ability The Military Macaw parrot can learn to talk by mimicking human but isn’t known to be incredibly good at it like African grey parrot. Don’t expect this bird to be talking also the infamous African Grey.


Why are military macaws called that?

Ara militaris The Military Macaws parrot or Scarlet Macaw have their name when they were first imported into Europe by military personnel force and some suggest that this species was named for the army green color of its plumage

How long does a military macaw live?

Military macaw lifespan

60 years
Military macaws parrot live in large flocks and can live 50 to 60 years in the wild

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