Not adopt a cockatiel: All the good reasons


not adopt a cockatiel

Not adopt a cockatiel: All the good reasons: Let’s not get angry: cockatiels are great animals, super interesting to observe and rub shoulders with, very beautiful, and full of intelligence (especially when it comes to imagining new nonsense!). But undeniably, they are not suitable for everyone. Even having long prepared for my adoption for 6 years, I had some surprises living with my first cockatiels!

Here is an overview of the 6 main reasons why you might not support cohabitation with this parakeet… because it is better to know before taking the plunge: a cockatiel lives about fifteen years!

Are you very attached to hygiene? Don’t adopt!

At least, do not adopt a cockatiel if you have planned to make them live indoors! The interior aviaries may not be large enough to satisfy their flying needs: the cockatiels will have to be taken out for several hours a day. One corridor will not be enough for them: they will need a real space in which to evolve.

And this space will very quickly be soiled by droppings. Indeed, the cockatiels do not have the possibility of retaining their droppings: they, therefore, do where they are when they feel the need. And they will use the space made available to them without limits… Which means they will land everywhere.

With us, cockatiels fly throughout the house. So I clean the droppings on the dining table and its chairs, on the coffee table, on my computer, on my bookcase, around their aviary, and even – when I am not orderly enough – on my clothes rack (and therefore on the clean linen located below …).

You are also very attached to your trinkets? Bad idea!

You have understood it: if the cockatiels land everywhere, they can sometimes do damage. It can happen that one of your parakeets a little more kamikaze than the others decides to test the stability of an object by landing brutally on it… and let this object fall! If your trinket is not fragile, it is not very serious.

But it can also break. You should not be very attached to your decoration when you have cockatiels at home. Without even trying to land on it, a simple blow of the wing can sometimes send objects flying. It is of course necessary to be careful that the birds are not injured in the fall of the trinkets: it is time to put away the collection of stones placed in balance on this unstable shelf…

Not adopt a cockatiel

Care of cockatiel

Lovers of plants and Christmas decorations, go your way!

In their shy aspects, cockatiels are curious. Once the worry of the discovery has passed, they will absolutely want to go see this new thing that you have deposited in their space… And this whatever this new thing, even if it can be dangerous. It is therefore very important to ensure that the plants in your home are compatible with your cockatiels.

If they were to nibble a piece of it, you would be responsible for a potential poisoning. Find out about the dangerousness and toxicity of your plants and put them in a closed room to which the cockatiels do not have access!

But what does this have to do with Christmas, then? Christmas, like some other holidays like Halloween, is conducive to decorations. And unfortunately to accidents for cockatiels. During these periods, a number of birds die for nibbling on the decoration. The jabot is full of artificial fir needles or garland threads, and the birds die in significant suffering.

Do not forget that your place of life will also become theirs! It may be restrictive, but even the Christmas decoration will have to be thought to be safe for your birds.

Sensitive people of the ears should abstain!

Whatever you can read on the Internet, do not delude yourself: the cockatiels scream. As a rule, they sing and communicate with each other. It is not an unpleasant sound even if it can sometimes be rather loud. But they can also express their discontent! Does your cockatiel want to go out? Does she want to get your attention? Has she seen something that she likes or dislikes? She may start screaming.

Some birds also particularly like to cover the sound of your voice when you have a conversation with someone… and will be happy to increase the volume if you try to speak louder!

Before adopting, think about the insulation of your walls: will it be enough not to annoy the neighbors? Also, think about your own noise tolerance. Even if prepared, it can be really unpleasant at times… We must be aware of this.

Not adopt a cockatiel


The cockatiel fly, but not only

To prepare for the adoption of my first cockatiel, I meticulously ensured that all the flight space (and therefore height) was protected and without risk to birds… I had imagined that the cockatiel was only in height and it was true… but that was without counting the adoption of Tichondrius! Less fierce than the others and quite reckless, Tichondrius pushed his congeners to go to the ground and walk on the ground! Discovery for me, and disaster! I had not secured anything on the floor of the cows! I was convinced that a cockatiel would feel vulnerable to the ground and would not put her paws on it… I had to find a quick solution to hide the electrical wires that Tichondrius did not fail to find, to caulk the small corners in which the birds could sneak, to protect the books from the last shelf of the library that they had decided to perforate… it wasn’t easy!

Don’t forget to secure your pets’ entire space!

Cockatiels are not soft toys or mobile karaoke

If you’re looking for an animal to hug and have a fusional relationship like you might be with a dog or rat, a cockatiel is probably not for you. Rather suspicious by nature, this bird will take time to accept you. Rare are the cockatiels who like to be groped or cuddled.

A number will even keep a distance from the human hand and will never let themselves be touched. It is part of the character of each individual and it must be respected. Similarly, if you are looking for an animal for its ability to sing or speak: not all individuals are equal and you should not adopt an animal for its supposed skills in a field!

You have to be patient with the cockatiels: they live about fifteen years, so nothing is lost to gain their trust!

Reasons To Not Get A Cockatiel

SOURCE:Soaring Wings Flock

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