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African Grey Behavior

African Grey parrot Behavior

There are 3 recognized species of African gray
African Grey Behavior

Psittacus erithacus Erithacus: Commonly known as Congo, Jaco or Gris du Gabon. About 36 cm long, 450 to 600 grams. Plumage gray ash, bright red tail. Equatorial Africa.

Psittacus erithacus princeps: Also called Ghanaian gray, West African gray or Boyd Alexander. It looks a lot like Congo, but a little smaller. Principé Island and Fernando Po in the Gulf of Guinea.


Psittacus erithacus Timneh: Gray African Timneh. 23 cm long, 250 to 350 grams. Dark charcoal gray plumage, red-brown tail. Upper mandible of pinkish beak. Much smaller than Congo or Ghana. Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and western Côte d’Ivoire. Temperament is less scowling than the Congo or Ghana. Less fearful and more rebellious. More inclined to do something stupid to attract attention and have fun.