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Pileated parrot

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Pileated parrot

The Pileated parrot, whose scientific name is Pionopsitta pileata belongs to the Psittacidae family  and in English it is called Pileated Parrot . It is popularly known as the red-headed parrot, the Greek parakeet, and the curica-cuiú. They can live more than 30 years if they are well looked after. See the other parrot species.

  • 1 Physical characteristics of the Pileated parrot
  • 2 Feeding of the Pileated parrot
  • 3 Feeding of the Pileated parrot
  • 4 Reproduction of the Pileated parrot
  • 5 How to download or listen to songs of the Pileated parrot


Pionopsitta pileata, Pileated parrot

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Physical characteristics of the Pileated parrot

It occurs in the east of Paraguay, northeast of Argentina and in Brazil, from the state of Bahia to the Rio Grande do Sul, living in forests of the mountains of Mantiqueira, Atlantic Forest, Araucaria Forest, and the coastal belt. Cuiú-Cuiú lives in groups of up to 50 individuals.

Pileated parrot feeding

It measures approximately 22 centimeters in length and weighs an average of 120 grams. It is considered a small bird that can live for about 30 years but is threatened with extinction due to predatory hunting. Its plumage is predominantly green, in the ear, the plumage is brownish purple, the legs are yellowish-green and the feet are gray. Greenish gray beak becomes beige near the tip. Dark brown iris.

There is a subtle sexual dimorphism. The male has red plumage on the forehead, on the top of the head, and in the region around the eyes. In females, they are green, with blue feathers on the forehead.

Pileated parrot feeding

In nature, they feed on fruits such as candeia, guava, persimmon, cambuí, berries, seeds, fibrous peels, and fruits of the genus podocarpus and Myrciaria. In captivity, a mixture of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and specific commercial feed for parrots is provided.

Reproduction of the Pileated parrot

The nests are made in hollow trunks and are generally difficult to access. The members of this family live with couples and remain so for a lifetime. The female of the Pileated parrot lays 3 to 4 eggs and only the female hatches them for 24 days. The male feeds the female throughout the laying period. The chicks are cared for by the female until they are approximately 20 days old, leaving the nest after 52 to 54 days. After that period the baby Pileated parrot will be able to live alone.

How to download or listen to songs of the Pileated parrot

You can download the song of the parrot-cuiú-cuiú on our website, for that just click with the right button on the name of the song, then click on “Save Link As …” and choose the place where it will be saved. You can also listen, just click on the play button.

The singing of the Pileated parrot

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