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Romance and sexuality of parrots

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Romance and sexuality of parrots

Here, within the BBB, we are funny sparrows, essences, and very different characters. This is what makes the homogeneity of our group, all dissimilar, but united under the same flag… no spat!

There are pickers who at all times take the first step ( when it is not the frantic race ) towards the chosen one of the moment, that or that, of the human or the parrot, which represents the vertiginous sensation of the moment. These are the dredging parrots, of which I am… of course!

On the other hand, there are the precious styles, those who never make an effort to seduce anyone, who never make a gesture towards the other. These birds simply allow themselves to be seduced, by choice or by the whim of a diva, and often push this anti-seduction a little further by displaying a totally disinterested look in the face of the suitor’s attempts; which, it would seem, would stir even more the concupiscence of the rejected lover … picturesque as a flirting technique, but formidably effective for certain fatal beauties of the group.

Then there are the others, those who would like to flirt a little, but who are clumsy, who do not dare, or who do not really know how to go about it. They are the timid, the inhibited, the fearful.





Do Parrots Mate For Life

When the parrot mating season comes, parrots find themselves a mate with their respective mating rituals. Once a pair is set, they mate to reproduce. Once their offspring get out of the egg, they become responsible parents.

Both male and female parrots share the equal brunt of raising their young. But that’s not all.
Parrots have a tribe system. They would remain with their own social group till they are not ostracized. When it comes to monogamy as sexual partners, they are hardly faithful. But they follow a system called social monogamy.

This means that the partners they choose will always be their partners for either all mating season or just one. Now, let’s try to break it down a little further.



Parakeet Breeding


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I did my little tour of the track with BBB friends, to confirm what I already knew ( having tasted it more often than my turn ), namely which of the first, second, or third group the members of my volatile tribe identified with each other. No two are alike …


Honestly, I always thought I was in the flirtatious category, which would be perfectly normal for a well-made cockatoo, but I met Johanne, and my life was turned upside down. Before Johanne, I was pretty dizzy and flirted with everything that came my way.

Now if I am very wise on this site, I have developed an exclusive possessiveness which, I admit, sometimes makes me very unhappy when I see my Juliet being complacently flirted with by the other members of the BBB. It has earned me over time an unenviable reputation as an unstable and unpredictable bird.

Which had


I would be more of the “straightforward business” type. When I see a Jules that I like, I go for it and I take out all my equipment of extreme seduction. I say a Jules because I’m not too interested in human females. But I love almost all the males of the species … except during hormonal periods.

During these periods, me too, just like Chi-chou, I “freeze” on Johanne… so go find out why. This particular attraction is often the cause of friction with the Chi-chou, but let her be reassured, it never lasts long. The rest of the time, when there are no gentlemen who come to the house, my “kick” goes straight to Philippe, the only man in the house.

However, when there are guests available, I easily skip the fence for a good-looking guy, especially if he is of a “rocker” temperament or the “construction guy” type. My fellows, I love them manly!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I like to flirt or be flirted with by a stranger, I love the feeling of attraction mixed with fear that I provoke. Caiques do not have a good press; I know it and I feel it every time one of these bipedal charmers approaches me.

It spices up the game and induces a disturbing form of promiscuity. However, I let myself be carried away very easily. And when it comes to kisses and purring… I’m not afraid of anyone.

Let’s say that we gain to know me!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I eat at ( almost ) all the racks. I flirt, I flirt with anyone who is likely to feed me: the grays, the grays, Étienne, and of course, my Johanne.

My specialty: begging for food. For me, seduction goes through the crop.

Once fully sated, I succumb to whoever wants it… Johanne says that I am “a real mess” of my kind.

On the other hand, strangers are a no-brainer: if need be, I can stand people talking to me or dancing and singing with me, but keep my feet up …

I reserve for my regular customers… no more!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I like to play on ambivalence: sometimes it’s yes, sometimes it’s no. I have my “plain” side and my “frosted” side. I can be the most terrible and enterprising of the Casanovas and I can be more fierce than a fly with some people.

Inside the BBB, I have my “best”, it’s Quita, the most beautiful ararauna in the world, I’m crazy about it! Of course you will say to me, the problem is of size, but me I consider that the obstacle is not more insurmountable than for these parrots which are completely nutty of their humans. Let’s say it’s a matter of point of view.

As for the couple of humans who live under my roof, one like the other suits me very well, I do not discriminate. I am both crazy.


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I chose not to flirt anymore… It always ends badly, so I gave up. Whenever I have flirted or let myself be flirted with, I always ended up pinching the pretty heart’s hand.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate people paying attention to me, on the contrary. But you see, I don’t have, or rather, I have very few wing feathers ( yes I confess, I prick myself ) and I easily lose my balance… you see the picture. If someone takes me on the hand and doesn’t pay attention to certain movements, I tip over… panic… and pinch… So, after several repeated failures, I chose to confine myself to humans who know me well and who know how to move with me ( Johanne and Philippe ).

When it comes to people at home, I play the shy in my corner to avoid that people come to me, that they are interested in me. That way, I don’t risk hurting someone.

I leave the flirtation to the BBB frolics.


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I never, but then never made the slightest effort to seduce anyone. The guys come directly to me, and the more they stoop to try to chatter me, the more I play Diva… It’s a matter of principle! I am beautiful, attractive, sexy… and I know it.

All the BBB Gray Cocos are crazy about me, to the point where I can’t even remember the last time I ate on my own. They feed me ( regurgitate ), they pamper my feathers, they offer me the most precious gifts (peanuts, pistachios and others); we even go so far as to joust to have the privilege of perching near me at night. No, I really do not see why I should raise the slightest feather to seduce anyone …

On the other hand, I totally flash on my human Philippe. Ahhhh…. HIM, he has an effect on me… but I don’t let him see it too much. I wait for him to come and get me, I never go to him, but when he takes me on his shoulder … Ah … there … there … I’m playing the big game … total seduction … And like all the others, he eat from my paw, which he literally kisses by the way.

When you have it… you have it…!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I like people to give me compliments… and I get a lot of them.

I love that people flirt with me, that they pay attention to me, and if they dare to ignore me a little bit, I set in motion all my charming equipment and I will look the sassy … I pack it … and rejects him as soon as I manage to get his attention.

I am naturally sociable and I love people watching me… bordering on exhibitionism.

Now, whether I flirt or let myself be flirted with, I would say a happy mix of the two.

It depends on the situation… and Jules or Juliette of course!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

For me it’s simple, I don’t flirt!

I have two loves with which I have also shared my time for years: it’s Johanne and Gazou, period.

Although neither of them is particularly faithful to me, I am of a prodigious constancy, I am a faithful, me!

Either one doesn’t matter to me as long as I have one of them near me. The advantage with two lovers is that when one is occupied elsewhere, I always have the second within reach.

And when everyone is “busy” on their own, I will take a look around Clémentine’s side when … but no luck, she doesn’t even look away. What a snobbery that one!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I certainly do not define myself as a “crouseuse”, but as a “crouse” trigger….

Let’s say that I make the object of my desire understand that he ( or she ) has a ticket with me.

I get seductive, I sing, I dance, I call, I solicit, but there is absolutely no question of me taking the first steps towards him or her.

If it fits, so much the better, if not, it doesn’t matter, there are so many people around the house… I might have better luck next time.

The rest of the time, I’m loyal to Johanne: we love each other, it’s just stupid, but that’s how it is.


Romance and sexuality of parrots

I am a fan of the BCBG flirtation.

I am discreet, I observe and, if I like the Jules or the Juliet, I will present myself in the forms, by placing myself delicately on his shoulder. If he ( she ) is interested ( e ), I feel it right away.

I hate that people come to me without a proper presentation, I’m not the type who lets you choose.

I am the one who chooses and it will never be otherwise.


Romance and sexuality of parrots

My own flirting technique? Without affectation I go for it…. and I pack… I am a natural crunchy… a born tease! I have, but then there, no complex …

To this day, I have never been resisted and I understand that it remains that way.

My secret? The rapidity. While the BBB friends are still evaluating the character of the Jules in attendance, I am already hooked on his T-Shirt. My leitmotif… first come, first served!

I am really THE super BBB seeker… When I see a hare… I lift it… quickly!


Romance and sexuality of parrots

Flirting is not, but then there, not at all my hobby … I do not have the temperament of a conqueror, I like things to happen simply … over time, one taming the the other very slowly.

I don’t know how to flirt, I’m very uncomfortable with the concept and I wouldn’t recognize a flirt, even if he sat on me ( which he advises against … I may not flirt, but I know pinch ). I am of the “slow” style, I have to get to know my partner before I invest myself a little with him ( or her ).

The flirtatious… I keep them off…. Very offshore.


Romance and sexuality of parrots

At my age, it has been a long time since I sided with emotional stability.

No more ups and downs and Ferris wheel rides; no more temporary and dead-end crazes.

In the BBB, I have several “best” in grays and cockatoos. In humans, Johanne is more than enough for me.

I no longer look elsewhere and the flirtation of the guests of the house, I leave that to the youngest.

I am just as I am and “anyway”, I have nothing more to prove regarding my power of seduction, I am told well preserved for my age.


Of course, I saved myself for dessert for the end. Me, I do not look at the expense…. I flirt with everything that moves in the house: humans, dogs, cats, the whole BBB and, making no discrimination, I bluntly spit at all the guests who show up at the house ( when I manage to be faster than Bib). For me, flirting is elevated to the rank of great art. I am extremely versatile and know how to adapt to the needs or desire of the object of my desire. We want to be fed… I regurgitate, we want to be groomed… I smooth the feathers better than anyone, we want to dance… Fred Astaire is an amateur next to me, we want to discuss… my language background would make anyone die of shame philosopher, I even learned French, the dog, the cat, the Amazon and the cockatoo for the needs of romantic love …

I am the unrepentant seducer of the BBB, of the house and of the whole world. Nobody resists me, all give ( except Morgana who still enjoys leaving me on the sidelines, but I feel more and more a collapse of her guards ). I love love, I love to seduce… and I love you all…

And you, what is your gender? Flirty, dredged or… constipated…?

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