Teach parakeet to talk


Teach parakeet to talk

Teach parakeet to talk: Parakeets are very popular small pets because, in addition to being intelligent and curious by nature, they are easy to maintain. If you have the desire to bond with your budgie and want her awake and happy, you can even teach her to talk. Parakeets are great imitators who like to speak the language of their congeners whether they are animals or humans like you!

Preparing a budgie to talk

All you need to know about preparing a parakeet to talk

Breed a small number of budgies

These birds develop their ability to produce noises by communicating with other budgies. Having several can therefore help them develop a variety of tweets. Be careful, however, not to have too many budgies, because they will focus on communicating with other birds instead of trying to communicate with you.

  • In summary, owning a small number of budgies will usually not be a problem when you train them to talk. However, having too much could prevent them from progressing.
  • If you only have one budgie, you can trick her into thinking she has a friend by installing a mirror inside her cage. This will help him develop his tweets and practice. Before starting his training, remove the mirror from his cage so that your bird focuses only on you.

Put your budgie at ease

 For this, spend time with your bird, talk to it and make sure its environment is comfortable. Treat him as if he were part of the family because, in fact, he is.

  • Your goal is to gain the trust of your budgie. Don’t force her to interact with you if she doesn’t feel like it. If she is afraid of you or ignores you, it is because the time has not yet come to teach it or you are going too fast with her. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t bond with you.

Choose the right time to teach your budgie

She must be calm and ready to give you her full attention. If she is tired or distracted, you will have a much harder time training her.

  • A good time to teach your bird is early in the morning. You can even start repeating some words before discovering his cage at the beginning of the day.

Training a parakeet to speak

All you need to know about training a parakeet to speak

Repeat one word over and over again to your budgie

Speak clearly and slowly and teach him only one word at a time. Your budgie may not repeat the word right after you, but just keep repeating it.

  • It is good to know that budgies repeat the consonants d, t, k, p, or b more easily. Thus, the basic sentence: “Hi, how are you?” will be of no use to you, because your bird will have difficulty pronouncing it.
  • If you don’t know which word to start with, you could teach him his name. Your budgie has most certainly heard it before and the sound will therefore be familiar to him.

Reward your parakeet when she repeats the word you teach her

This will not only strengthen their behavior, but also the bonds you have formed. Parakeets are very fond of millet in clusters. You can also reward your bird with a sprig of celery or a piece of carrot that will provide essential nutrients for its good health.

Talk to your parakeet for a few minutes at a time

Don’t train it too long all at once. Do not work with your budgie for more than half an hour a day. Too long sessions could annoy your bird and diminish its enthusiasm to learn.

Do not allow the bird to be distracted during lessons

 For this, cover all three sides of the cage with a cloth. Position yourself in front of the cage when you talk to him so that he is aware that you are talking to him.

Target each of your lessons

Don’t switch to another word until your budgie has repeated the first one correctly at least three times in a row. By doing this, you ensure that your bird has learned the word you are teaching it well and there is a better chance that it will remember it and repeat it later.

Be patient

 Don’t try to force your budgie to talk. Many of them never learn to speak, but it’s fun to try! Whatever happens, never shake your budgie or pull on the feathers of its tail. No matter how annoyed your budgie’s nonsense is, never do anything that could hurt her.

Move forward gradually

Take the next step by teaching them more complicated words or phrases. Proceed in the same way as to teach him simple words. Repeat the words or phrases to her when she is calm and willing to pay attention.

Teach your budgie to name an object or its color

 Show them the object when you repeat the word. With a little practice, your bird will be able to say the word without you having to repeat it to him when you show him the object. Sure, your budgie will only repeat the sounds you’ve taught her, but it will feel like she can really identify the object.


  • Learn to talk to your budgie while training it to stand on your finger. If you want it to come and land on your finger, place your finger against its belly. Once the bird is on your finger, you can talk to it face to face.
  • Try singing or playing music to your budgie! Some birds even learn music and repeat it.
  • If you produce noises every day at the same time, budgies will learn to repeat them.
  • If your bird bites you, don’t panic. Probably, you will not have an injury. However, you will have to say “no” in a firm voice. Do not shout so as not to frighten your bird and cause it to react aggressively.
  • If you want to get your budgie talking, try it when she’s still young. The best way to get a budgie is to go to a breeder, instead of going to a pet store. You will be able to know the age of the bird. An elderly budgie will probably have been trained to chirp and not to speak.


  • Do not scold your budgie. Don’t scare her or get angry with her! Some budgies are not able to speak. Don’t behave badly towards her just because you’re disappointed. If you feel frustration rising within you, leave instead of punishing your bird.
  • When you take your bird out of its cage, close your windows. Otherwise, birds will think it’s a way out and could hit the window, seriously injure themselves, or even kill themselves.

SOURCE: Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets

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