The favorite toys of parrots


The favorite toys of parrots


These large parrots delight in large pieces of wood, rawhide, hand toys, sports games, toys that they can manipulate with their beaks and which offer them a certain challenge. Beware of the very powerful beaks of these giants among parrots, and always check the sturdiness of the toys you offer them.


These parrots play just about anything, especially if it makes noise. They like to destroy toys, especially paw toys. Amazons put a lot of pressure on destroying a toy, and hardwood doesn’t scare them. They often play aggressively with their toys and are often in the first row of parrots injured by toys ( coiling, hanging, etc. ).

The favorite toys of parrots

African Gray

These parrots are “rag dolls”; rope ( cotton and sisal ), leather and fabrics, they love very soft wood ( pine ). Grays shred wood into thin slices and don’t put much pressure on the wood ( like with bites ). These parrots also love toys that require deduction (educational toys, toys with buttons for music or interactions) and toys to poke around ( peanuts, sunflower seeds ). Toys of hard plastic, plexiglass or hardwood do not interest the grays of Gabon very much, they much prefer toys to let off steam ( relieve stress ) and to destroy.

The favorite toys of parrots


Destroy… cockatoos love to destroy anything that falls under their beak. Like the macaws, they have a very powerful beak to which is added a remarkable dexterity. These parrots are very precise at searching and removing what is inside an object or protruding outside ( they are lightning fast to remove a mole in your neck ) . They particularly appreciate what can be removed ( buttons, pitons, growths of all kinds). Since cockatoos get bored very quickly, you need a great range of toys for these parrots. Untie knots, detach objects or open the doors of their cage and especially the carabiners, insert objects in another, screw and unscrew. Often cockatoos work on two toys at the same time. Their beaks are sharp like a scalpel and they can completely ravage an apartment in less time than it takes to say the word… devastation! These parrots don’t really like “intellectual” games that are complicated or require time and thought. They have a philosophy of instantaneity.

Conure, poicephalus, monk parakeet and lovebird

never underestimate a lovebird, it is classified here in the right group )
These little parrots are climbers: ropes, lianas. They like to sway, don’t play with their paws much and much prefer toys hanging in the cage or playpen, small hiding tents, and stuffed or fabric stuffed animals set in a corner of the cage near a pole. to snuggle up. Lovebirds are formidable nibblers, you must constantly supply them with chewable and renewable material.

The favorite toys of parrots

Caique and Lori

Sometimes when you watch these parrots play, it feels like you are seeing young puppies having fun. They like to fight with their toys, often lying on their backs, the toy tight between their paws over their bodies. These little parrots should be provided with lots of paw toys. They also like to run or rather hop after their ball, catch it to throw it again more beautifully and often have terrible clinches with the toys hanging in their cage. They are rough playing parrots, little feathered dynamites.

Cockatiel and parakeet

Small “fancy” parrots, they imitate playing on the ground or at the bottom of their cage or park. Dislike hand toys, but love colorful, shiny, noisy hanging toys that are easy to twirl or the strings of marbles that they can move on a metal spit, the mirrors in front of which they chat about hours and bells… They love to put their heads inside their bell ( always check the clappers carefully ). These mini parrots like to have balls or figurines in the back of their cage or gym that they can hit with their beaks, move around and tell them about their day.

And the winner all categories issss…

Toys for forage …

The favorite toys of parrots


The favorite toys of all parrots are undoubtedly foraging toys. Regardless of the size, all species of parrots forage, rummage, “rummage”, work in cramped spaces to find a treat or an object that seems interesting to them.

The favorite toys of parrots

They are the easiest toys to make or give to your parrot 

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