The panurgism… follow this parrot!


The panurgism… follow this parrot!

Panurgism or a sheep of Panurge

Meaning: to follow a movement without thinking.
Origin: This expression originated from chapter 7 of the Quart Livre de Rabelais . Panurge is a character of François Rabelais, companion of Pantagruel, son of Gargantua. During their trip to the “land of lanterns”, Panurge got into a quarrel with the merchant Dindenault at sea. To avenge himself, he bought him one of his sheep which he threw into the sea. His example and bleating drew all his fellows and the merchant himself, who, clinging to the last sheep, drowned.

We use this French expression today when someone follows a movement or an idea without taking the time to form their own opinion on the thing in question.


This ( very clever ) story sheds light on this behavior that we commonly observe in our friends the parrots ( and just as much in our friends the humans ), I am talking about the follow-up behavior … which is now referred to as … Panurgism. As far as we are concerned here with our parrot, it is stupidly a behavior of social incitement, which influences the “moods” and the actions of our darling Coco on a daily basis. Let’s say it’s the slightly more biological side of what is often referred to as empathy … behavior whereby the actions of our oviparous are carried out under influence , simply in order to be like everyone else…

Follow the parade

Panurgism is a manifestation of the group effect, that is, if a parrot performs a behavior, it can trigger a stimulation that causes other parrots in the group to simultaneously perform the same behavior. It is doing stupidly what the other is doing. We then speak of synchronization of behavior.

The panurgism… follow this parrot!
Taken from F’murr, Le genie des alpages, Dargaud editor

This kind of stimulation can increase the intensity or frequency of behavior in other parrots. The role of this behavior is to keep the animals as grouped as possible.

Ex. We observe a panurgism behavior when one of the dogs in a pack suddenly starts running and the others follow suit without trying to understand why.

Ditto for the behavior of choirs in parrots: the vocalizations of a single individual exhort the others to join him in a raging fanfare; or the synchronization of flight when an individual from the gang quickly decides to get the hell out of it and the others automatically follow… without asking any questions. We scream because the others are shouting and we take off because the others fly away … without trying too hard to understand why ( at least, not at the time ).

Re-ditto for Nanette, my little butterfly spaniel who begins to limp as soon as the BBB begins its panurgical morning clamors to greet happily the first rays of the day or when my winged guardians thunder panurgically at full speed to notify me that an individual is suspicious comes into my yard ( all strangers are “suspect” for my parrots … hard, hard … ).

However, we must be careful not to confuse panurgism and imitation. Imitation allows the acquisition of new abilities and new knowledge in our parrot while panurgism only encourages him to emit a behavior of which he is already capable, he only follows the parade!

How does this panurgism behavior manifest itself in our relationship with our parrot?

1. When we yell at him to argue with him because he himself screams.

You scream, I scream… we curse in chorus!
It would be much better to encourage him to lower his voice by whispering your displeasure to him. The effect of Panurge will manifest automatically and Coco will whisper her little parrot stories to you.

The panurgism… follow this parrot!

2. When we’re upset, chasing the parrot through the house, trying to get it into its cage because we’re late for work and Coco is doing nothing but flying away for it. annoy us.

And if we dominated each other just a little, Coco would calm down too … and if we spoke to him very softly by making slow and inviting movements, he would perhaps also be engaging and would gently come to rest on your hand and you would win as well. crazy weather in the morning.

3. When Coco drives us nuts because he persists night after night to answer (at the top of his voice) each of those damn commercials that play during our favorite soap opera.

Already, if we lowered the sound of the TV during the commercials, it would not be worse. Yes, it is true that commercials rely on decibels and that they trumpet louder than the current program. The purpose of an ad IS to get your attention (or drive you crazy, it depends), but it also gets your parrot’s attention! So turn down the volume and take the opportunity to hug your feather ball, then you will resume and together the thread of the drama and everyone will be happy.

4. When you’re trying to have a good fight with your partner and that little parrot shit inevitably adds a layer of it.

First, we do not settle anything by arguing. It gives palpitations and it puts the nerves in ball, and after, it takes a long time before we want to speak to his Jules to stupidly ask him to take out the garbage and …
… the panurgism (again) has this little effect of “doing like everyone else without knowing why” which will inevitably encourage Coco to get over it all the more. So explain yourself calmly once and for all or go out to finish with your man (worse then you will not be further ahead, it is the neighbors who will get involved!).

5. When we are on edge because, as usual, our project manager made us do all the work, that he took over our work on his own, that he gave himself all the success … and was even given a promotion ( hell and damnation ).

Don’t take your office problems home with your parrot, you won’t be a winner.
For the parrot: you’re on edge, I’m on edge, I don’t know why, but I swear to you that if anyone approaches me, there are some who will be stuck …

6. When, following a change of mood on our part towards him, the parrot answers us in the same brittle tone ( with a good bite ) THAT HE IS NOT our project director …

I just told you not to bring your office problems back to Coco’s… You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

7. When we are very happy because our former project manager did not live up to the task, that he was demoted and that our boss invited us to dinner tomorrow at his restaurant-business for the major promotions.

Coco greets you with a song, he is very happy, for no apparent reason; it makes you want to dance and that’s what you do… and always without really knowing why, the oviparous is quite happy to follow suit… Nice evening in prospect… Thank you Panurge!

This is how most of your parrot’s actions and moods will mirror your own. Think about it the next time you want to react with murderous instincts to inappropriate behavior (depending on your interpretation) of your critter …

  • You are dolcissimo, he will be pianissimo.
  • You’re in a prestissimo mood… he’ll follow suit allegretto.
  • You give in the fortissimo… it will follow you FORTISSISSIMO… and that, you will not appreciate at all and it will be of your fôteuuu!

The parrot, like a good minstrel, will tune in to the notes (right or wrong) of your mood and will follow the measure of what you do … no matter what you do!

There’s nothing we can do about it, it’s organic, so it’s better to learn to adapt …

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