The parrot is an exotic bird

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Parrots are exotic birds because they live in hot countries like Africa, Amazon, Brazil … and they would not survive in the cold regions of the globe.

Parrots are often imported as domestic birds, either for the color of their plumage or for their song.
The parrot often has a long life and can sometimes live longer than the man. The African Gray parrot (gray parrot of Gabon) can live a good 75 years. It must be expected that any extended trip or absence requires accommodation or that someone will have to take care of it for you. It’s like having a child for life, so before buying a parrot, you have to think about it.
Parrots are different in color and size depending on the species. The beak of the parrot is very hard and sharp to break the seeds and nuts that make up the majority of its diet. They can also eat fruits and other vegetables.

Photo of a gray parrot of Gabon
Gray parrot of Gabon

The Gray of Gabon: a smart parrot

The parrot often sings and imitates what he hears, for them all the animals sing and our language for him is a song. Some have their own way when they utter words that they have heard, others can imitate the way almost exactly. The gray parrot from Africa (Gabon) does not have an extraordinary plumage but it is one of the best to imitate a way of almost perfect way. A friend had one and you could tell who had taught him a sentence by the sound of the way he imitated.

Other parrots are more for their colors and plumage because they only scream and sing without imitating words and phrases. In the wild, some people scream in the heart and scare many predators this way. Naturally, if you have a parrot, it will be more difficult for you to sleep in because they start their singing sessions early in the morning.

The parrot can be in a cage or on a perch. The parrot perch is used a lot because the feathers on their wings are usually trimmed so that they can not fly. The parrot cage should be big enough and have several perches so they can walk around a bit. An aviary for a bird is, of course, the best for a parrot to move and exercise more.

The parrot who is bored will often tear out his feathers and if you do nothing he will end up not having any except on the head. Parrot toys can help, but it is often the presence of another parrot or its owner that he looks for.

The parakeet is a breed of small parrots that is kept in cages. The parakeet will imitate phrases she hears from the man, but with their own lane tone. The parakeet is popular, being small, less expensive and require less maintenance than a large parrot-like the macaw.

It is usually illegal to import parrots except for certain species such as the parakeet and you should make sure that the establishment that sells parrots is well approved. Poachers who illegally import parrot kill 9 out of 10 by their means of camouflaging them.

The parrot is an exotic bird

List of parrots
Name of the animal Scientific name / Family
Imperial Amazon Amazona imperialis
Ara Ara
Cockatoo Cacatua alba
Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus
African Gray Psittacus erithacus
Lovebirds Agapornis
Lori Loriinae
parakeet Psittacidae

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