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Parrots have always been a special type of bird, whether on the shoulder of a pirate or revealing some kind of embarrassing information in a sitcom. Learn more about this fascinating bird by taking this quiz.

  1. 1 1. What have they been observed eating in the wild?

    1. Snails
    2. Slugs
    3. Slugs
    4. Rhino
    5. Caterpillar
  2. 2 What size is the Congo?

    1. 1 to 5 inches
    2. 6 to 10 inches
    3. 15 to 20 inches
    4. 15 to 20 inches
    5. 10 to 14 inches
    6. 100 to 200 inches
  3. 3 When should Grey eggs hatch?

    1. 15 - 25 days
    2. 1 year
    3. 3 weeks
    4. 5 - 15 days
    5. 28 - 30 days
  4. 4 What is the Average Life-span of the Grey

    1. 40 - 60 years
    2. 7 years
    3. 30 years
    4. 100 - 125 years
  5. 5 Of the different species of parrot, the best company for the grey is...

    1. Macaw
    2. Eclectus
    3. Parrotlet
    4. Cockatoo
    5. Conure
  6. 6 How many Species Of grey are there?

    1. 8
    2. 5
    3. 3
    4. 2
    5. 1
  7. 7 What is the correct species and genus for the Congo African Grey?

    Substrate, perches, nests and feeders: equipping your Parrot cage
    1. Africus Greyus
    2. Psittacus erithacus timneh
    3. Sitt-a-cuss erithacus
    4. Psittacus erithacus erithacus
    5. Africus erithacus
  8. 8 The African Grey parrot is protected by ______________ which restrict the trade of wild caught species.

    1. Import taxes
    2. Export rules
    3. Native tribes
    4. Anit-trust laws
    5. CITES regulations

    CITES regulations

    The African Grey parrot is protected by CITES regulations which restrict the trade of wild caught species.

  9. 9 Because African Greys are very ____________, they also require an environment with a lot of stimulating activities, like toys and foraging devices, to ward off behavioral problems.

    1. Arrogant
    2. Obnoxious
    3. Intelligent
    4. Lazy
    5. Spoiled


    The more intelligent a being is, the more environmental and behavioral enrichment is requisite to their well-being. Parrots have been described as having the intellectual capacity of a 3-5 year old child.

  10. 10 When they feel threatened, African Grey parrots fluff up their feathers to make themselves look larger.

    1. True
    2. False


    Learning your birds' body language is key to having a productive, respectful relationship with your parrot. Birds can communicate in a variety of ways. If we are lucky, they use our own language to let us know what they want but certainly, they always convey their moods using their own unique vocalizations and body language.

  11. 11 Which famous person owned an African Grey?

    1. Theodore Roosevelt
    2. King Henry VIII
    3. Lady Gaga
    4. Oprah Winfrey
    5. Martha Stewart

    King Henry VIII

    An African Grey lived with the sixteenth century king, Henry VIII. The bird was reputed to have a temper that matched his owner's. Queen Victoria also had an African grey parrot called Coco which was taught to sing "God Save The Queen". The Duchess of Lennox also had an African Grey who is interred with an effigy of his mistress next to her tomb in Westminster Abbey. The bird survived his mistress by only a few days when she died in 1702. They had been together for over forty years.

  12. 12 The two subspecies of African Grey parrots are the Timneh Grey and the _______ Grey.

    1. Kenya
    2. Liberian
    3. Whatza
    4. Congo
    5. Einsteinus
  13. 13 What was the name of the famous African Grey parrot that could identify a large number of objects by name, shape and color?

    1. Smarty Pants
    2. Einstein
    3. Alex
    4. Prudle
    5. Smoky


    Alex was the subject of a study into the cognitive skills and the intelligent use of language in animals.

  14. 14 African Grey parrots are thought to be the best talkers of the parrot species.

    1. True
    2. False


    African Grey parrots are thought to be the best talkers of the parrot species. Although they often start talking later than some other species, they have the capacity to learn over 1000 words, phrases and sounds.

  15. 15 Timneh Greys are a lighter colored grey, have bright red tails and black beaks.

    1. True
    2. False


    Congo Greys are a lighter colored grey, have bright red tails and black beaks. Timnehs are smaller than Congo Greys and are a darker grey with maroon colored tails and dark horn colored beaks

  16. 16 The wild population of African Grey parrots is decreasing primarily because of illegal trapping and loss of habitat.

    1. True
    2. False


    The wild population of African Grey parrots is declining primarily because of illegal trapping and loss of habitat. The African Grey parrot is protected by CITES regulations which restrict the trade of wild caught species. Unfortunately, due to the African Greys' popularity as pets, many babies are still being stolen from nests.

  17. 17 Through what body part do African grey parrots make their words and sounds?

    1. None of these
    2. Through the hole under their jaw
    3. Through their beak
    4. Through their nostrils

    Through the hole under their jaw

    African grey parrots can make an amazing range of sounds, including mimicking animal sounds, sounds such as doorbells and telephones, and mimicking individual voices. Their own natural "voice" has a somewhat mechanical sound to it.
    When I come to visit, Emma says, "Hi, Em" and "Hi, Emma" in my voice, and makes a clicking sound that I make to her when I ask her if she wants a kiss. She only does this when I'm there.

  18. 18 The intelligence of African grey parrots is similar to which of the following stages in a human's life?

    Location And Maintenance of the Parrot Cage
    1. Teenager
    2. Infant
    3. Adult
    4. Child in kindergarten

    Child in kindergarten

    African grey parrots have the intelligence of children who are 5 years old. The emotional age of African grey parrots, however, is that of two-year old children. Emma is constantly doing things that amaze me. For instance, if my brother gets up in the middle of the night, when he should normally be sleeping, Emma tells him, "Time for bed now. Time for bed."

  19. 19 Emma loves to have lots of toys in her cage. Which type of wood is best for a perch?

    1. Fir
    2. All of these
    3. Willow
    4. Alder

    All of these

    Emma also loves shiny toys, and perches covered with different types of cloth and rope. African grey parrots are wary of new things, so introduce new toys gradually. It is important, however, to periodically vary toys and cage decorations, to stimulate your pet.

  20. 20 Which of the following symptoms in African grey parrots can be caused by low calcium levels?

    1. Having seizures
    2. Picking at their feathers
    3. All of these
    4. Being clumsy

    All of these

    Although giving calcium supplements is not always enough to control the seizures, the following methods of supplementing calcium in the diet of the African grey parrot are acceptable to try: Tums, cheese, cottage cheese, almonds and yogurt. Always consult with a vet or other experts on African grey parrot health before doing anything, however.

  21. 21 Which of the following considerations are not important in choosing Emma's cage?

    1. Castors (wheels on the bottom of furniture that enable the furniture to be moved)
    2. A wall on one or two sides of the cage
    3. Placement in the busiest room in the house
    4. Colour


    The cage should be in the busiest room of the house, because African grey parrots are very curious, and need the stimulation of watching the activity of family members. Having a wall on one or two sides of the cage is important for a feeling of security. Castors are an important feature, because having the same view all the time would be too boring.

  22. 22 If I were to bring you with me when I went to visit my brother, which of the following things is Emma most likely to do?

    1. Say "Hello" in a bright and cheerful voice
    2. None of these
    3. Screech at the top of her lungs
    4. Hide behind the big fuzzy perch in her cage

    Hide behind the big fuzzy perch in her cage

    African grey parrots are wary of strangers. They have close relationships with the people who care for them, but they take a long time to become comfortable around other people. When I come to visit, Emma will say things in my voice, and make certain sounds that she only makes when I'm around, to let me know that she's aware of me and happy to see me. However, although she'll stay with me when my brother puts her on my arm or my lap, and she'll play with toys that I hold for her, she won't come to me on her own, or let me approach her closely.

  23. 23 When Emma is sticking her beak in between my brother's fingers, what is she doing?

    1. Looking for food
    2. Trying to get moisture from his skin
    3. Trying to get the salt from his skin
    4. Showing affection

    Showing affection

    This is a sign of affection from African grey parrots. Some other signs of affection from Emma include resting her head upside down on my brother's shoulder, burrowing her head into his neck, and constantly trying to get kisses. Emma is like an "only child" to my brother, so in some cases she may be unique, such as with all of the kissing.

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