Things to know before getting a parrot

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1 Getting a parrot

Things to know before getting a parrot

What do you need to know before buying a parrot? and Owning a parakeet? What is the best age to buy a parrot? Is owning a parrot hard? What to do when you first get a parrot?

Getting a parrot

1. The parrot who lives in his parrot world (in a human world)

So there we are. This is the very first post from The Parrot Post and it is also, I believe, one of the most important.
Obviously, I will tell you about the behaviors of Coco darling (a lot, passionately, madly ) in these pages, but before anything else, it is important for me to make you think about this … you will always have to try to understand behavior ( good or less good ) of your parrot, of any species through the following filter: * your parrot is an animal impregnated with humans, and you will not have the choice to deal with this state, the imprint is irreversible.

2. Your desires, their needs …

In Coco’s parrot universe, there is often a world of difference between what we consider appropriate for him and his real needs. To manage to cohabit well with a parrot, to cuddle it, speak to it, and love it madly, is good, but it is not enough. Indeed, the minimum of the minimum would be to know its needs, and this, even before trying to understand its behaviors, simply because the behaviors of our bird too often result directly from these needs. By knowing the needs of our parrots, it is easier for us to pinpoint those ( many) who are not satisfied. These unmet needs are also those which generate and maintain several disturbing behaviors of the bird.

3. Sleep? The ritual among pet parrots.

Sleep, but what for? said to himself master parrot …
Several of you have described to me the ordeal of bringing the parrot into its cage for the night. It shouldn’t be like this. In fact, it should be a pleasant moment for the bird, which he should anticipate with pleasure. If not, he will resist with all his might, even going so far as to bite into it to avoid being escorted back to his cage or his own room for the night. Bedtime and the ritual that surrounds it requires a bit of investment on your part. This is what will make the difference between the dream and the nightmare. Here are my thoughts on the subject…

4. Alert! Need for security

Today I’m talking to you about Coco’s precious need for security. So this will be quite a long post because this need for security is essential to the development of the parrot living in captivity and, therefore, not being able to ensure its security itself. Unfortunately, most of them start life on a very precarious basis. Indeed, the first insecurity from birth: the breeding method ( EAM ) which will create latent insecurity that will manifest itself differently depending on the species, temperament, or resilience capacity of the individual. Contemporary rearing methods include hand-feeding the chicks, which in practice means…

5. The need to belong: To belong to whom?

Here we are, we climb one more floor in Maslow’s pyramid of needs. We are now going to discuss this ( considerable ) need for belonging in our parrots, a gregarious animal if necessary! Parrots are social animals that cannot survive without the reassuring presence of others. Your parrot needs the reassurance that it is an integral part of the social group that you form with your family. You will have to integrate it into as many spheres of activity as possible, since only under these conditions will it be able to develop fully within your family. You will have to find the right balance, your parrot needs to be loved, but not be suffocated by too much love (even if you have a lot to give ).

6. Do parrots need sex?

♫♫♫ Do you want or you don’t want… is it yes or is it not?
Say, do you want to or you don’t want… (familiar air). ♫♫♫ That’s a long topic and you know what? I make no apologies because it is too important for our pet parrots. We often read that we must not respond to the sexual advances of our parrot, that we must reject it when it is too enterprising and that it does nothing but “think about that”. If only it was that easy, if we just had to say “no” and Coco understood. I wrote this text hoping to put you in the place of your parrot, to get you to see the thing from HIM’s point of view.

7. The need for esteem: Why not?

I don’t know what is the need for esteem in the wild parrot, but in captivity, as you may have noticed ( I’m sure ), the parrot constantly seeks the attention of its human and yearns for some form of recognition on the part of the latter. To do this, he must learn to behave well socially in order to be accepted and appreciated by the other members of the group, in this case, your family.

8. Coco serial aggressor? You will tell me so much …

Living with a parrot, isn’t it to be confronted one day or another with the inevitable bite? Yet you give it all to this little guy ( or girl ); you take care of it, you feed it, play with it, cuddle it, and then… Crack! like that, for nothing ( according to your perception) Coco advises you of her dissatisfaction with one of these devilish nibbles; you know, those that hurt more in our hearts than in our hands. However, I did nothing, you tell me, everything was going as usual! What I answer you … “This as usual”, this way of doing i