Top 10 Most Popular talking parrot - Top 10 Most Popular talking pet Parrot

Top 10 Most Popular talking parrot

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.

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Top 10 Most Popular talking parrot, The voice of the end of a long day of work greeted us at home with Hello darling, how was your day going for those who wish to have this type of companion in the form of an animal, a bird that speaks to you?

very well adapted to the bill, also called parakeet or parakeet this little common bird is able to learn a lot of phrases and songs his voice is low and not always defined and men tend to train better than women also called Quaker parakeet is colorful. little bird is actually a little parrot for which they are known to be very intelligent and social by developing great vocabularies of phrases and words if you want a companion for life, it’s a good fit, the blue face can live up to A hundred years or older, he has an excellent voice and a strong ability to imitate Very intelligent human voices

Top 10 Most Popular talking pet Parrot



Very small birds The Indian colnous will develop an oversized vocabulary and speak terribly clearly in sentences that do not look much like those imitate the tone of the voice of someone with whom they also often speak their own bird’s voice so that they can keep the mood of the phrase hello known to be particularly sexed Dimorphous the male is green in the red female vivid this parrot is able to verbalize distinctly and imitate the tone and mood of the language while his abilities are strong abilities depending entirely from the formation of a young baby hi baby girl considered almost as good as the nap at a nap with a smaller tendency to pinch the yolk close to the nap with an excellent ability to imitate the human voices and the love of the song Hello hello this pretty little black bird has an astonishing ability to imitate human voices with a varied range of heights and tones hahaha yellow yellow-haired parrots amazon is best known for his oral abilities that they love to sing and are very intelligent with a strange ability to imitate Cadence the African Gray is widely thought to be the best-talking birds and one of the smartest in the animal world as a whole, some experts say that the ability to speak and relate concepts at the level of a toddler, even at the highest level of ability, remain some birds that will not speak no matter what you do or at what time early you will train as they already are. calm and shy people there are calm and shy birds and just like with people, some birds are smarter than others, thanks for watching

What birds talk the most?


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