Toys of parrot

Perching toys

Parrots love height, it is well known. They are prey animals and for them height is synonymous with safety.

toys of parrot toys of parrot

This is why all psittacines appreciate the perch toys that are suspended very high ( near the ceiling ). These provide them with great peace of mind since they do not have to watch the surroundings. The higher, the better!


The cages with perch ( gym ) on the top give, in addition to an additional play area, the opportunity for the bird to exercise more if one has the good idea to leave the food dishes to the inside the cage. The parrot must go down there every time it has a little hungry …

Some parrot gyms on sale in pet stores are very complete ( ladders, swing, climbing ropes, toys, buckets, etc. ) and designed with materials that can vary from plastic to plexiglass, wood or rope.

toys of parrot

The best gym for parrots is, of course, a natural tree, picked in the middle of nature with a lot of side branches ( wild apple trees are champions in all categories ) that we have taken the trouble to disinfect and dry well ( see the text  wood and toys, on this site ), which will be placed in a plastic vase ( the terracotta vases will split when the cement expands as it dries ) into which cement will be poured to hold it together. You can then arrange this tree by installing buckets, toys, ropes and other fun “cossins” for your parrot.

Of course, the taller and taller the tree, the happier the bird.

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