Yellow-shouldered amazon


Yellow-shouldered amazon

The Yellow-shouldered Parrot ( Amazona barbadensis ) or Yellow-shouldered parrot is an amazon parrot is species of medium-sized parrot. Yellow-shouldered amazon is a parrot of the genus Amazona that is found in South America Caribbean Netherlands, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Classification (IOC)
Reign Animalia
Branch Chordata
Embr. Vertebrate
Class Aves
Order Parrots
Family Psittacidae
Gender Amazona


The yellow-shouldered Amazon measures approximately 33  cm. Like most species of this genus, it has a green plumage with shiny reflections due to the black border of the feathers. His forehead is white. The crown and periocular areas are yellow, as are the shoulders (hence the specific name) and the breeches. The green of the cheeks and throat is washed with azure. A red speculum marks the first four secondaries. The irises are orange and the orbital circles are white. The beak is horn-colored tinged with pink. The cere is poorly developed while the nostrils are very apparent.

Parrot name: Amazona Barbadensis
Classification: Neotropical Psittacidae.
Size of the species: The Yellow-shouldered amazon measures 33 centimeters roughly.
Distribution: Quite widespread on the north coast of Venezuela, it has disappeared from the island of Aruba, while only 800 individuals remain on the island of Margarita, roughly 100 at La Blanquilla then no more than 400 in Bonaire.

Like most species in this sector, it has green plumage with shiny reflections due to the black border of the feathers. His forehead is white. The crown and then the periocular parts are yellow, just like the shoulders and then the breeches.


Two subspecies are recognized in the yellow-shouldered Amazon  :

  • barbadensis , localized on the coast of Venezuela  ;
  • rothschildi (yellow on head and wings less extensive and slightly tinged with orange), also in this region but also in the Leeward Islands.

The distinction between these two subspecies is not easy because they are often mixed in certain sectors of the Venezuelan coast and give rise to intermediate forms. For this reason, currently, these two subspecies are not recognized by all authors.


This bird inhabits arid areas such as rocky slopes or sparse acacia steppes.


This species can gather in more or less large groups.


The Yellow-shouldered Parrot establishes its nest in arboreal or rocky cavities. It begins to breed in April. Laying consists of two or three eggs incubated for 26 days. The young leave the nest around eight weeks of age but remain dependent on their parents for almost as long.

Distribution and numbers

This species is seriously threatened because its natural habitat has been severely amputated by the development of tourist structures. Quite widespread on the northern coast of Venezuela, it has disappeared from the island of Aruba while there are only 800 individuals left on the island of Margarita, around 100 in La Blanquilla, and no more than 400 in Bonaire. A couple of Yellow-shouldered amazons are in the Zoological and Botanical Park of Mulhouse


Reproductions in captivity obtained in the early 2000s make it possible to envisage future reintroduction programs which must be accompanied by the restoration of favorable habitats.

5 week old Yellow Shouldered Amazon Baby Parrot

SOURCE:Rita Garris


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