My parrot always wants to play

… With MY stuff! He does nothing but annoy Me!

Does this statement remind you of something?

A customer on the phone this morning wonders why, each time she sits down in front of the computer, her rascal parrot persists in coming to annoy her by trying ( tirelessly ) to “play” with them. keys of said computer, despite the staggering amount of games, toys and other trinkets available to him on the desk and in the work room.

Funny question and of general interest which could be registered under a heading –

Why is my parrot doing this? (Hey, that could be a good book title!) .

My parrot always wants to play

Answer: because the computer interests YOU more than ITS toys! No more complicated than that!

Well yes, parrots are like that… if a member ( or more ) of the social group ( your family ) is interested in something, Coco will be captivated too… but more eagerly, seeking to understand what arouses this interest in the other.

It is indeed very difficult to convince an animal as intelligent and perceptive as your parrot to take an interest in its own toy, when you are passionate about something else … Because it is not stupid the wasp … If his toy was that interesting, your attention would be on this one, not your computer. Excellent deduction my dear Watson!

So, if the computer seems captivating to you, it automatically becomes an object of envy for Coco-la-fouine… and nothing will make it budge.

My parrot always wants to play

It’s a bit ( not bad ) like us. If we travel through the aisles of an exhibit and pass a crowded booth, we are hopelessly drawn to join the onlookers in order to find out what this exhibitor has so fantastic to offer, while the booth is empty. de flâneur will make us ignore it. If there is no one, then it is not interesting!

Coco will think exactly the same way: “if nobody is interested in this toy, why would I? I also prefer to be interested in the computer which, HIM knows how to capture the attention”. It is stupidly because of your interest in it that the object becomes attractive to the bird.

My parrot always wants to play

Your parrot is not interested in your things to bother you, it is watching you and it is interested in it because that is what interests YOU too.

So, why not try to interest YOU in his HIM toys, if you want him to be interested in them too?

Your parrot will choose to play with what seems most attractive to him and as a good social animal, he will be enthusiastic about what you are passionate about.

The baballe is in your camp!


 My parrot always wants to play

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