Parakeet is a vernacular name given to several lines of birds belonging to the Order of Psittaciformes (in the vernacular, parrots).

They are dispersed within different genera (Royal of the genus * Alisterus, Conures of the genus Aratinga, Kakarikis of the genus Cyanoramphus, Platycerques of the genus Platycercus, Magnificent of the genus Polytelis, etc.).

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This term is a derivative of the term parrot1 and distinguishes them simply from the latter by the length of their tail: long in parakeets and short in parrots; among the latter, only macaws are an exception to this rule. Some parakeets have another generic name such as Psittacus also generically called Afro-Asian collared parakeets.



There are about sixty different species that are commonly called parakeets:

  • Green winged parakeet
  • Blue-necked parakeet
  • Rose-ringed parakeet
  • Yellow-collared parakeet
  • Blue-rumped parakeet
  • Red-rumped parakeet
  • Alexander parakeet
  • Whiskered Parakeet
  • Slate-headed parakeet
  • Plum-headed parakeet
  • Purple-headed parakeet
  • Orange-bellied Parakeet
  • Cockatiel Parakeet or Cockatiel
  • Adelaide Parakeet
  • Bourke’s parakeet
  • Buru Parakeet
  • Carolina Parakeet or Yellow-headed Parakeet
  • Derby Parakeet
  • Latham Parakeet
  • Layard’s Parakeet
  • Madarasz Parakeet
  • Malabar Parakeet
  • Mauritius parakeet
  • Newton’s Parakeet
  • Pennant’s Parakeet
  • Nicobar Parakeet
  • Red-fronted Sparrman’s Parakeet or Kakariki
  • Elegant parakeet
  • Red parakeet
  • Flavéole Parakeet or Straw Parakeet
  • Intermediate parakeet
  • Daffodil parakeet
  • Omnicoloured parakeet
  • Budgerigar
  • Royal Parakeet or Australian Royal Parakeet
  • Splendid parakeet
  • Tahitian Parakeet
  • Ground parakeet
  • Tricolor Parakeet or Amboyard Parakeet or Royal Amboine Parakeet
  • Turquoise parakeet

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