• Golden Conure

    Golden Conure

    The Golden Conure ( Guaruba guarouba ) is a species of bird in the Psittacidae family, endemic to Brazil. This species is the only one in the genus Guaruba. It is sometimes classified in the genus Aratinga which includes other species....

    Black billed amazon
    Black billed amazon
  • Blue-crowned Conure

    Blue crowned Conure

    The Blue crowned Conure ( Thectocercus acuticaudatus , formerly Aratinga acuticaudata ) is a species of bird with predominantly green plumage. Playful, sociable, intelligent, and curious, the blue-headed conure will fit perfectly into...

  • Conure Types

    Conure Types

    Conure Types: Under the term, Conure is grouped parrots and parakeets (family Psittacidae and subfamily Psittacinae) of small to medium size belonging to several neotropical genera. The term conure derives from the...

  • Jenday Conure

    Jenday Conure

    The Jenday Conure or Jendaya Parakeet( Aratinga jandaya ) is a species of parrot from the genus of the Macaw Parakeets ( Aratinga ). It is native to Brazil. Features The Jenday Conure measures between...

  • Conure


      Under the term, conure is grouped for parrots and parakeets (family Psittacidae and subfamily Psittacinae ) of medium-small size belonging to several genera neotropical. The term conure derives from the genus Conurus which has...

  • golden conure

    Golden Parakeet

    The Golden Parakeet has the scientific name of  Guaruba guarouba . It belongs to the Psittacidae family and in English is called the Golden Parakeet. It is popularly known as guaruba, guarajuba and tanajuba....