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parrot lovers

The feeling of duty accomplished concerning parrot

Today, I am ( almost ) relieved. You know, for over thirty years I have been fighting stubbornly against everything I consider the mistreatment of our parrots. At each step, “we whisper” ( to be polite ) that I’m nuts, that I don’t know what I’m talking about or the eternal… “But what does she know, she doesn’t even have a diploma!”

It started with my fight against the size of the flight feathers, then against the sale of unweaned parrots and dear gentlemen/ladies of the parrot industry, no offense these fights have been won. I might be nuts, but I’m persistent. My last fight in the running and that for a very long time is that against the aberrant impregnation to the human, systematized in the chicks parrots born in captivity, the one on which we affix the now-familiar acronym of EAM for “bred birds. by hand”.

I wrote a lot, a lot “lecturer” and a lot “seminar” on the subject. I did it to drunk the industry and yourself, the goodwill buyers who have been shamefully deceived into bragging about the “merits” of hand breeding. It did not take a diploma to understand that this method of breeding stems from a nameless barbarism and an infinite cruelty which targets only one species… our parrots. We do not breed EAM dogs or cats, quite simply because we know too well the tragic consequences of aberrant human impregnation and primary dyssocialization.

Friday, while I was offering training to my fantastic students, one of them brought to my attention that the Order of Veterinary Doctors of Quebec (OMVQ) has decided to take a stand on this breeding method. Phew! The shock it was to me, you have no idea. To tell the truth, the ground gave way under my feet and I almost looked away. Eventually my body decided that crying was the best solution, so yeah, I broke down and cried like a Magdalene in front of my students and I’m not ashamed of it. So many years of fierce combat against this method of breeding, so many years of being insulted by those who villainously profit from this abject breeding method; all those years I felt so lonely a bit like the David in history, facing a giant who had never been struck down, all those years I felt like I was screaming in a desert so vast no one could hear me. Well, today I realize (well ) that I was not wasting my time screaming like that, I screamed so loud for the parrots that they ended up hearing me.

A very short sentence in a parrot adoption guide on the OMVQ website and my confidence in human beings suddenly revived. This sentence, here it is …

“4. If possible, CHOOSE A BABY RAISED BY ITS PARENTS and handled in the nest by the breeder. Babies removed from the nest a few weeks old and fed by humans have identity problems which can later lead to problems with breeding. behaviour.”

I never expected to witness such a turnaround in my lifetime and today and at the end of my career, the miracle is finally happening.

At the time of this writing, I still tremble so much I am upset. Of course, this is just the small start of something that will forever change the fate of our captive-born parrots, but it’s a good start. Obviously, as far as I’m concerned, I won’t be able to continue this fight much longer, but at the moment, I am training students who will continue to fight for our parrots.

Gentlemen / ladies in the industry, for all these years you have been shooting the messenger ( me ) rather than my ideas and these have been able to come their way quietly. You targeted me ( me ) because you knew full well that your breeding method is simply untenable and that my writings against it are right and true. You just didn’t have a case to defend your vile business.

Now that the Order of Veterinarians of Quebec advises to CHOOSE A BABY RAISED BY ITS PARENTS, you will have no other choice but to review your breeding methods because you will henceforth be considered as barbarians of a bygone era in continuing the EAM. You know, breeding ethically, respecting the needs of parrots, is not so bad. Of course it’s a little less profitable, but it’s so much more rewarding… you’ll see.

This is just the start, the story will not end with me. It will continue as long as there will be other “crazy people” who will have the well-being of these birds at heart.

There are my students ( so dear to me ), but there are you too, who love parrots (just as dear to me), and who ask that these birds be respected in their integrity. There are also these Quebec veterinarians whom I congratulate (so much), who agree to show us that they have at heart the well-being of so-called companion animals, including our parrots.

To all of you I say … I love you

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