parrots in prison

parrots in prison

Human beings have always loved to rule everything; be it cities, people, nature or animals.

One day, human beings felt the need for a company other than that of their fellows. So he decided to adopt animals. The pet was born, but the human being… human, he naturally had to impose HIS way of being and living on him. Oh yes! The human being is thus made; he thirsts for power and domination. It was inconceivable for him to “domesticate” animals by letting them be… themselves. He had to control them, subdue them and above all, take away from them what is essential to any living being… freedom.

The parrot has unfortunately not escaped this desire to conquer. Victim of his great beauty, the human wanted to have as an ornament in his house the freest of the animals of creation: the bird.

parrots in prison

When he captured the bird, what he deemed most “human” to do was put it in a cage. HE, the bird which, in its habitat, has always had kilometers of territory to fly over, we doom it to perpetual idleness, we impose on it a mode of operation which in many ways is contrary to its instincts of conservation . To survive in the human world, he must betray his nature as well as his natural modes of communication. Everything that is essential for him to survive in freedom is denied to him in the human world.

Then comes the moment when the human wants to make the bird HIS creature. He wants him to speak like humans, to eat like humans and at times decided by humans, to occupy themselves with human toys, in short, to be similar to the human being. ‘human.

The bird has no rights in the human world. He can never protest or complain about his condition. He must be ready to play and distract the human when the latter feels like it. On the other hand, the parrot which tries to claim a little attention must too often repress its desires under penalty of consequences. The bird does not have the right to claim in the human world, it must wait for the goodwill of its MASTER.

parrots in prison

But parrots are recalcitrant prisoners. They are rebellious and remember the time of freedom too well. So, in captivity, they develop behaviors that were until now unknown to them: pecking, obesity, aggressiveness, stereotypies, cannibalism and other aberrant behaviors.

Boredom and idleness are the worst enemies of the so-called “domestic” parrot! So what can he do to fill his days, even though he is so active in nature? In humans, there is nothing to be done… Nothing!

So he is watching. All the “holy” day he observes and waits. His life as a companion parrot is regulated as in prison, to the rhythm of sunrises, meals and sunsets. He observes and waits for his MASTER. He waits for the latter to deign to give him an hour in the day. But, what should he do with the other 23 hours ???

So please, you human reading this, please indulge your parrot. No sentence is more cruel than life imprisonment for those who have committed no crime… an innocent person!

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