The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys


It’s October that arrives to us once again with its generous fall harvest and, to the greatest delight of my feathered treasures, the return of the most exquisite of parrot toys:  THE PUMPKIN!

It’s no mystery to anyone, foraging toys are the no.1 in the charts of our parrots, a fortiori, if they are kind enough to let themselves be completely annihilated … And our good old giant autumn cucurbitaceae fulfills this role wonderfully. It will provide (for really cheap) hours of pleasure to our Coco-always-eager-for-new-distractions, in addition to providing him with an orgy of vitamineA , so precious for our birds.

You know it now, with my armada of fifteen feather heads, including a few giants, I am not a fervent follower of the specialized “parrot” toy and overpriced, which in any case will only last as long as it lasts. a rose . Under the greedy beak of my little feathered hooligans, nothing resists (nothing at all I hear) , so I chose the path of originality at little cost, and this, to their greatest delight. My parrots are always at the station when the activity is tasty and entertaining.

1st toy:

We slice our pumpkin into large rings to hang (with cotton or sisal rope) or to place (securely) on the bird’s playpen. I let the whole mess hang inside the pumpkin: the seeds and filaments, and I do not remove the flesh. My birds settle directly inside this tasty ring and peel it comfortably perched on this improvised perch. I swear to you that this toy will give you hours of family peace … (in addition to a good bath for Coco at the end of the adventure) .

The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys

2nd toy:

I prick the pumpkin on a stainless steel rod screwed directly onto one of the shelves that surround the aviary of my birds and I let my moujingues do their parrot job: forage and destroy.

The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys

Philippe bought a spun rod of about 1 meter in stainless steel ($ 10 at Rona for Quebecers) as well as some nuts and discs (washers) also in stainless steel. This rod was coated with oil (not sure why) , so we had to do a serious washing of said rod (and other hardware) and of course this washing took place without the presence of the birds, in a well ventilated room away from the BBB aviary (1st wash with solvent (Varsol) – rinse well, 2nd wash with industrial degreasing soap – rinse well, 3rd wash with dish soap – rinse well and dry) .

The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys

Philippe sawed this rod into four equal pieces (the sawn parts must be passed with a bench grinder to avoid scratches) and then drilled holes in the shelves of the aviary to insert the spun rods. He fixed everything with the discs and nuts … No more complicated than that!

All I had to do was wash the skin of my pumpkin well and then prick it on the metal rod, and voila. By the time I turned around, my feathered piranhas had already set to work … A great success!

These stems make great fruit and vegetable skewers for parrots (try a corn on the cob to see… hey… hey…) . On the other hand, you will have to remember to remove these skewers from the shelves after use to prevent Coco from impinging themselves on them by landing on the shelf.

The return price of each of these delicious skewers is around $ 3.50 … it’s not worth the “cost” to go without …

The pumpkin, the tastiest of parrot toys

Pumpkin is a winter squash that can be stored for 3 months in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Me, I always make a (very) good supply of these “toys” and, at the rate of 2 pumpkins per week, we make the pleasure last until January …

Top cool!


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