African grey parrot cage


African Grey Parrot Cage

This is probably the first question you will ask yourself about the arrival of your parrot! African grey parrot cage “What would be the ideal habitat for my parrot?” We guide you on the minimum necessary according to the sizes of the parrot …


The aviary

Often outdoors, as its name suggests, the “flight” allows the parrot to fly. It, therefore, requires large spaces (garden, terrace ..)

The specific room for parrot

Indoors, allows a large flight space for your pet. Be careful, however, that this room is “parrot proof” (nothing dangerous for the parrot), such as wallpaper/paint in case of ingestion, the objects you will install …

African grey cage


What size cage for a parrot?

Large parrot = Large cage, small parrot small parrot

The Great Parrots (Macaws, Huppe Cockatoo & Alba)

The trick? The parrot must be able to open its wings wide without touching the edges of the cage.
Inevitably, for parrots of such large sizes, the more likely they are to fly in their cage, the better off they will be. Otherwise, it will be necessary to plan a lot of outings with your parrot so that it stretches. The ideal for these large parrots is to go on aviaries of size 2 m x 2 m x 2 m at least, see 4 m x 2 m x 2 m for a couple.

african grey cage

African grey cage

Your African Grey Parrot will be comfortably seated in this spacious and elegant african grey bird cage. It should be borne in mind that the cage is a living space and must be safe and comfortable since it is here that your bird will spend most of its time. It is therefore essential that he feels good there. Thanks to this large cage, your bird will benefit from a pleasant space and will also be able to enjoy a relaxation area at the top of its cage on which it will stretch its legs.

African grey bird cage

african grey cage


  • Easy to maintain
  • Fully equipped cage

With this large parrot cage, tedious cleaning chores are over thanks to the two drawer bins that are easy to remove. Feeding your bird will also become simple with the externally accessible feeder holders equipped with a simple latch and its removable feeders easy to clean, no more risk of seeing your bird escape at the time of the beak. You will be able to distribute his favorite seeds in one of the two removable feeders provided.

Parrot cages African grey

african grey cages

Cage Characteristics

African grey cage for parrot – 164cm

– Solid and spacious parrot cage mounted on wheels for easy
movement- Black
metal structure- Door with locking latch and double security 27.3 x 52.7cm
– 3 inner feeders: diameter 11cm depth 6cmAccessible
each from the outside and closed by a latch, these feeders are removable and will be easily supplied without having to disturb your pet by opening its cage.
– 3 wooden perches, including one outside (diameter 2.3cm)
– 2 maintenance drawers (height 4.5cm) for easy cleaning (including one under the playground)
– Tray with anti-projection borders to avoid dirt
– Spacing between the bars: 2.5cm, diameter vertical bars: 0.3cm, horizontal bars diameter: 0.4cm
– External dimensions of the cage (anti-projection borders and playground INCLUDED): 99.5 x 77 x 164cm
– Dimensions of the bare cage: 82 x 58.5 x 138cm 164cm 164cm
– Living space of the parrot (internal dimensions): 78.5 x 56 x 84cmCarities

of the playground:
– Height 26.5cm
– 2 metal feeders: diameter 11cm depth 4cm
– 1 metal ladder 36cm and5 bars
– 1 wooden perch, length 81cm
– 1 maintenance drawer for simple cleaning (height 4.5cm)

This large cage will be perfect to house a medium-sized parrot such as the African grey parrot, the  COCKATOOS, the AMAZONS with white, blue, or yellow foreheads, the Alexandre parakeet (or Grand Alexandrine), the green ARA, the ARA D’ILLIGER, and the ECLECTUS.

Medium Parrots (Amazons, African Grey, Rosalbin Cockatoo)

For medium-sized parrots, the cage maybe a little smaller for a single subject: 1 m x 1 m x 1.5 m. It is better to start on 1.5 m x 1 m x 1.5 m (WxDxH) for a couple.

african grey cages

The Little Parrots (Conure Jandaya, from Patagonia, Youyou from Senegal, Pionus)

For the Patagonian Conure provide at least: 80 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm For
the Conure Jandaya, Youyou of Senegal, Pionus: 50 cm x 60 cm x 100 cmPens

to increase these dimensions if you have 2 or more parrots.
These dimensions are MINIMAL, the more space your parrot has, games, and company, the better off it will be!


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