Cockatiel poop

Cockatiel poop

Cockatiel poop is made up of three parts:

– The feces, the solid part, which is usually brown-black to green depending on the diet.
– Urine (surrounds the feces, more or less noticeable depending on a wet diet as with plants).
The urate (“uric acid”), creamy white part (it can surround the feces in general, it depends on the height where the bird is located).

There are several health issues that affect the appearance of droppings.

Polyuria: this amounts to a considerable increase in the rate of urine. We can clearly see the separation, the feces, the urate, and the urine, although the latter risks a softening of the whole. it is a sign In this case.

– either from poor diet (review the diet in this ace there, vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables, etc.),
– or from viral infection (requires veterinarian and treatment),
– or from stress new installations, moving, continuous trauma, etc., you have to review that way of acting with your parrot),
– either of tumor (avian veterinarian necessary and consultation for scanner),
– or finally of poisoning (give him bird charcoal urgently and call or visit the veterinarian) and sometimes foods that are too sweet or too much fruit.

Cockatiel Diarrhea: The droppings are uniform, without visible separation of the three parts. It should not be confused with a high urine rate known from the diet of wet fruits and vegetables (no danger in principle, moderate the intake if too much urine). Diarrhea will often be a warning sign of illness. Abnormal green droppings, such as more or less fluorescent, too light green, and yellowed, often announce or denounce a bacterial infection (necessary treatment against bacteria), or liver problems (go to your vet for antibiotics).

Abnormal droppings:
decrease in the number of droppings: a sign of disease
decrease in stool size and increase in urate deposits: polyurates
increase in water in the stool:
increase in the volume of urine: polyuria
change in color of urate and urine: becomes yellow or green (problem of the liver, kidneys)

Cockatiel poop chart

Cockatiel diarrhea

Parakeet wax analysis

The wax makes it possible to distinguish the male from the female:

A Male: He will have a brilliant blue wax, a dark blue more or less intense but remaining pronounced. With certain mutations, the cere of the male Great Dane will be rather pink-purple (and that of the female white-beige)
A Female: The cere will be white when she is young, beige from the first molt, and brown in hormonal rises. It can sometimes be slightly bluish, with the outline of the nostrils white.

However, some diseases can influence the coloring.

Hormonal imbalance, we will observe in the male brown spots forming at the ends of the wax and taking place (growing more or less), it will be more or less pronounced, on one side or the other (creation of female hormones in the male for example)
This is due to several diseases.
First of all cancer in the gonads (testicles or ovaries) will be seen later by the loss of the facility of use of the legs of the bird, because that will flow and will play on the blood fluctuations of the animal.
Then kidney cancer will also cause the loss of ease of use of the legs, but by the fact that this cancer will cause gout, a kind of avian arthritis. We will therefore see the bird using its legs with difficulty.
Then, A deficient organ t, in this case, will be seen by a physical difficulty in the bird, probable pain.
Then, lymphoma will cause tumors. It will be necessary to analyze to know if it is benign or malignant, where it is located and if it is operable (more or less devastating, operable).

In all these cases, it will be necessary to contact an avian veterinarian, who will make a diagnosis.

The hormonal imbalance can also be due to a very bad diet, over the more or less long term, associated or not with a period of stress.
A wandering parakeet could generate this kind of disorder.
A more appropriate, complete diet (vitamins, minerals, sprouts, fruits and vegetables, molded, pâté) is essential, in the long term, associated with ease of life, large cage, company, toys, and so on.

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