Black lored Parrot

Black lored Parrot

Black lored Parrot 40 cm. Generally dull green throughout, slightly brighter on hindneck; bill red; crown and upper cheeks lightly washed bluish-grey bisected by a black line through lores and shading to olive-yellow of throat and foreneck;

primary-coverts and primaries dull blue and edged green on outer vanes, blackish on inner; tail tipped greenish-yellow, dull yellow below. Female has a pinkish-grey bill. Immature undescribed.





Buru, S Moluccas.


Montane forest above 600–700 m. Birds, assumed to be the Black lored Parrot were heard nightly arriving downslope in trees at 1100–1500 m , just after full darkness.


Apparently resident.

Diet and Foraging

No detailed information, but maybe largely nocturnal.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Not well documented. The commonest vocalization of Black lored Parrot a repeated loud nasal squawk rendered “crawk” or “kyeh”.

Conservation Status

VULNERABLE. CITES II. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Very poorly known, owing to at least partially nocturnal habits, but upland forest on Buru is now judged to be relatively secure compared to lowland areas,

so this bird might warrant downlisting from threatened status, particularly as it appears still to be fairly common within its very small range.

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