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cockatoo vs cockatiel HOW TO TELL THEM APART:


cockatoo vs cockatiel



Cockatiels are among the most popular pet birds in the world and are relatively easy to keep. These adorable little parrots are often mistaken for cockatoo parrots by most people. If you fall into this category of people then this article should help you.

There is a difference between cockatoos and cockatiels that are easily spotted. This is their size. Cockatiels are smaller. They are notably known under the name of miniature cockatoos.

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Biological Data on Cockatoo and Cockatiel

As you may have guessed, cockatoos and cockatoos are under the same classification. Just like the English and American parakeets.

Specifically, they are all birds of the Cacatuidae family. Cockatiels are the only birds of the genus Nymphicus. They are also the smallest of the family which includes 21 birds.


As stated earlier, the first difference you’ll notice between an adult cockatoo and a cockatiel is its size. It is not a surprise. The cockatiels are quite small with sizes up to  35 cm maximum.

Cockatiels are like babies when you compare their size to that of adult cockatoos, which is 30 to 60 cm. At this size, a cockatiel is only about a quarter or half the size of cockatoos.


Difference between cockatoo and cockatiel

white cockatoo

how much is a cockatoo

But in the event that a younger cockatoo has not reached its maximum size, you can distinguish the two species with their appearance.


First, the color of the feathers of cockatoos is often united, with only a few spots of other colors. Most of the time, the predominant colors are either white or black. You also find pink or gray colors on rare occasions.

As for cockatiels, the colors are bright and have different hues. However, savages are generally gray with white markings on the wings and green or yellow on the tail. Cockatiels kept in captivity show a color mutation. This mutation is on a whole different level than that of cockatoos or wild cockatiels. Some of these are pearl, pearl, and white gray-faced cinnamon.

parakeet Vs parrot


Difference between cockatoo and cockatiel/cockatiel size

The physique is another difference in appearance between a cockatoo and a cockatiel:

  • Cockatiels have a much smaller bill than cockatoos, which makes sense since they’re smaller.
  • Cockatoos have a long tail that is about half of their body, while cockatoos have a shorter tail.


The cockatoos live longer than cockatiels in nature but also in captivity. Some species, like the sulphurous crested cockatoo, can live up to 100 years.

The cockatiels wild only live up to 25 years and those in captivity live an average of 14 years. However, they can reach 20 years and older if properly cared for by their owners.



In terms of personality, cockatoos are much more social than cockatiels and are more affectionate towards their owners. Unlike cockatiels, cockatoos will need a lot more time outside of their cage with their owner.

He might become depressed if left alone for too long. Cockatiels, while good with people, can handle being left alone. In addition, they are much less noisy than cockatoos.

Vocal Ability

As we said before, cockatoos are louder birds and mimic their owner’s worlds better than cockatiels. The latter has a softer voice and makes more bird noises than words.

Even when they speak, their words are harder to understand than those of cockatoos. On the other hand, they are more likely to mimic house noises than cockatoos.


The cockatiel is arguably the most popular pet bird. Thanks to their small size and calm personality, they are easier to care for, making them a great choice for owners of young and old birds.

Large cockatoos are less common. The sulfur crested cockatoo * and the umbrella cockatoo are the most popular of them.

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how much is a cockatoo

A cockatoo can cost anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 25,000 depending on the species. Perhaps this is another reason they are less popular as pet birds since they can cost a fortune. In addition, their cages must be larger.

As you might expect, cockatoos are much more expensive than cockatiels. Cocoa trees are also more expensive to care for and house than cockatiels because they are larger birds.

Cockatiels cost less, from 50 to 250 €. Their cages are also smaller and more affordable.

Can We Keep a Cockatoo and a Cockatiel Together?

Keeping a cockatoo and a cockatiel together is a bad idea in our opinion.

Yes, they can stay together as long as the cockatoo isn’t aggressive towards the little bird. But cockatoos can be territorial, which means that sooner or later they could harm the cockatiel or even attempt to kill it.


We hope we have taught you something new today about these wonderful parrots, whether it is their differences in appearance or their dramatically different prices.

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