Green racket-tail


Green racket-tail

Green Racket-tail 29 cm. Bill pale greyish; yellowish-green on head and underparts, slightly darker on wings and tail, with spatulas blackish and lateral feathers above dark blue, tipped black. Female Green racket-tail less yellowish. Immature lacks spatules.

Part of the P. discurus clade (see that species). Monotypic.




N & C Luzon and Marinduque, in N Philippines.


Canopy of primary forest and edge, occasionally foraging out in open cultivated areas, in lowlands and foothills, e.g. in the Sierra Madre at 300–700 m. Recorded recently from selectively logged and degraded forest, but the ability to persist in such habitat unclear.

Diet and Foraging

Green Racket-tail eat Fruit, particularly bananas, flowers and seeds of growing corn, and rice.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

When perched, utters several harsh nasal screeches, often metallically modulated at the end, e.g. “rrraaa-wheeoleeoah”. Also short grating screeches and higher-pitched squeaky notes.


Young obtained in May.


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