Learn parrot


Learn parrot

Learn parrot: To learn is to acquire knowledge or practice something.

Learning is:

  • To memorize
  • Classify
  • Deduct
  • Combine
  • Organize and reorganize information.
    • It is important that your parrot is able to capture new information and process it in order to achieve the desired behavior.
    • He will therefore build his intelligence little by little, and his cognitive knowledge will be organized step by step.

The parrot that learns to learn

How to make a parrot like you

A parrot is never too old to learn, but, on the other hand, it can be too young.

  • It is therefore necessary to recognize at what stage has arrived your parrot in its stage of evolution.
  • Each individual has their own perception of the world according to their own cognitive development.
  • Emotional, intellectual, or social development must absolutely go through certain stages.
  • You must not succumb to the temptation to go too fast with your bird, some learning cannot be achieved at certain times.

How to learn to parrot

Don’t unnecessarily push your young bird to predictable and futile failure.

The parrot that learns to learn

The older parrot ( second hand or imported ) doesn’t come to you like an empty box:

  • He has a past.
  • He will have lived through several learnings and experiences.
  • He will have to modify or eliminate several behaviors previously acquired to comply with your own requirements.
  • These parrots are not all identical or neutral, they come to us with a wealth of experiences that you will absolutely have to take into account.

The ability to Learn parrot is acquired, it is not entirely innate:

  • The act of learning necessarily involves error.
    • The parrot must be wrong several times to properly assimilate a rule or a behavior.
    • To find his mistake, he will often need the mediation of a constant, stimulating and attentive educator to guide him towards the right behavior to be acquired.
    • A mistake is not a mistake, it is part of the learning process.
    • The role of the educator is not to perform the act for him or to prevent him from acting ( by leaving him in a cage or by excluding him ), but rather to guide him in his attempts.

The parrot that learns to learn

learn about parrots

The parrot, like all intelligent animals, only retains what it learns on its own.

  • He will learn by being active at the center of the action.
  • He must have the freedom to make his own mistakes in order to learn how to correct them.
  • It is only from the moment when he will know the organization of his environment that he will learn the effects of his own behaviors or actions on this organization.

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