Owning a Parrot


Owning a Parrot

Owning a Parrot, I am an intelligent, sensitive, demanding, beautiful and charismatic animal. I am also a BIG responsibility! A parrot is for life and I can live for more than 50 years.

Everything you need to know to have a happy and healthy parrot:


parrot BIG responsibility

The parrot: this BIG responsibility

1. A big house

I need room to move, exercise, and stretch my wings and another room to store my toys, branches, water, and food. Please buy me the largest cage you can find.

2. My space

If my cage is really big, I can fly from corner to corner. It’s already good, but if I had a large secure room (covered windows and no cats!) To fly it would be even better.

The parrot responsibility

Owning a Parrots

3. The best diet

A varied diet is all I need. I eat seeds and extrudates, but also fruits and vegetables. Ask your veterinarian or pet store salesperson for advice and additional information.

4. Branches and toys

If I were in the wild, I would be busy, active, and chewing all the time. This is why I need you to give me fresh branches especially for birds, to chew once or twice a week. Also buy me some interesting toys to enrich my life, keep me busy, stimulate my brain, and keep my claws and beak busy.

parrots BIG responsibility

can you own a parrot


5. Water

I need a lot of water to keep my wings in good condition. If I were in a rainforest, I would bathe in the treetops, but you can give me a good shower with hot water twice a week.

6. Training

Understanding the behavior of parrots will allow you to have a good relationship with me. “Positive reinforcement training” is a wonderful way to interact with me. It will also allow me to enjoy learning simple commands that will keep me safe.

The parrots BIG responsibility

Owning a Parrot

7. Company: human or bird?

All parrots need a friend. If I don’t have a parrot buddy, one human being will be enough BUT I will need a lot of attention. Talk to me, feed me good things, and play with me.

I am like a very intelligent child who never grows!

I’m going to live a very long time, so think about the future. Who will keep me when you go on vacation?

8. An aviary: the ultimate in luxury

The parrot BIG responsibility

If you can get me to install one, an indoor or outdoor aviary with shelter would give me a higher quality of life. Lots of space: pure happiness!

9. A special doctor

Remember, I’m a wild animal. So I need special medical care. Look around for the nearest veterinarian with experience with parrots. So I can take routine exams and have help nearby in case of an emergency.

Get a microchip to identify me if I’m lost.

With more than 300 species, the characteristics of a parrot vary from one psittacid to another (size, habit, food, etc.).

Learn as much as possible about your parrot … Learn about your parrot’s original habitat, habits, behavior, and what it would eat if it were in the wild.

Myths About Owning Pet Parrots!

SOURCE: Tyler Rugge


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