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indoor aviary

indoor aviary/indoor aviary room

The layout of the BBB’s parrot indoor aviary

Even if they live indoors, Parrot indoor aviary, our pet parrots need a stimulating environment, an environment that allows them to move a little, whether through flight and climbing, play or even, food research. If the space in your home allows it, opt for the parrot  indoor aviary and take Coco out of the cage!

With the help of this photo essay, I present to you the parrot  indoor aviary of my parrots, as I imagined it from the space available at home, a free room in the house (well, my husband would tell you that this room was not completely free at the start and that we even had to condemn a superb fireplace for the benefit of my winged thugs, but hey, that, these are husband’s fuss …

l essential is invisible to the eyes of the layman! ). Not having the necessary distance to photograph the room as a whole, I will therefore try to briefly describe the different views of parrot indoor aviary. Don’t we say that a photo is worth a thousand words?

The construction of the indoor aviary 

before, during, and after!

This photo was taken on the fourth day of construction of Parrot indoor aviary ( we had not thought of this before); my birds witnessed all stages of the construction. 

Every day the interest grew, the commotion that took place in this room was at the top of the stimuli of the last months and they had fun like crazy by taking an interest in each of our activities as resolutely active observers. . 

The watchwords: pilfer the tools, test each of the new installations while nibbling a little bit in the process and of course, give his opinion on everything and nothing by loud shouts of psittadiary rallying. 

In short, the gloom was not there and, one thing is certain, it did not disturb them at all, quite the contrary… it was undoubtedly two fabulous weeks of enrichment as we like them!

indoor aviary room

The room measures 20ft (6.1m) X 15ft (4.57m) with a ceiling height of 10ft (3.5m). We therefore started by laying a good quality floating floor, chosen according to its impact resistance ( and incidentally to the beaks of large parrots ).

To preserve their integrity, the gypsum walls were mostly hidden from the view ( and temptations ) of my “psitta-hooligans” by large acrylic panels, while on the east and west parts of Parrot indoor aviary,

the walls were in partly covered with large unfinished pine planks that Philippe has roughly planed ( paying for finished wood, planks that are intended to be demolished, would have been misplaced pride on our part ).

As perches, we installed hawthorn ( very hard and non-toxic wood ) and ash trunks , cut in our small forest ( very far from the road). These very long perches quickly excited my birds… It’s the parrot highway!

The layout of the indoor aviary, looking east

indoor aviary room

This photo offers a look at the “east” wall of Parrot’s indoor aviary. On the left, a hawthorn ( the tree ), and on the wall, climbing holds made up of cacti, hawthorn, and manicure poles ( both useful and pleasant ).

Still the “east” wall with its pine planks and acrylic panels attached to the wall. To the right of the image, a small piece of wall faces the south side of the Parrot indoor aviary. At the bottom of the image, we can see a ladder placed horizontally. 

The latter serves as a base camp for my birds and offers a feeding station. On this ladder, as elsewhere in the Parrot indoor aviary, we have fixed a system of “crock lock” bowls to avoid the catapulting of the bucket, a most entertaining sport among the winged people.


indoor bird aviary

Bilbo, the caique-rocket, dines at the base camp before following the herd of African grays in the ascent of the “east” wall.

indoor bird aviary

A flock of reckless African grays, held back in their climb to the “east” face of the Parrot indoor aviary… because Bilbo has not finished breaking the seed.

Development of the indoor aviary, looking west


indoor bird aviary

The “west” wall, also known as the climbing wall, presents a higher caliber of challenge for the athlete. The ascent is more sporty and consequently, much more interesting. 

On this “west” wall of the Parrot indoor aviary, there are several climbing holds made of various materials ( rope, hawthorn, manzanita, cactus ) as well as pine and manzanita poles halfway through, cubes and, at the very top. , a small acrylic treat box ( encouragement of effort ). Everything is held in place by stainless steel hardware.


indoor aviary

Of course, the accessories are adapted to the size of my feathered mountaineers.


indoor aviary

Chichou prefers stops in his little cube; no question of challenging the macaws.
Philosopher, she says to herself that “small

Quita, Molly and Elmo, my ara daughters ( ararauna, hyacinth and macao ), in real arboreal trees, prefer high positions – DPDLT ( rights and privileges of pruning )

indoor aviary

When the macaws are not there, the grays dance, the herd of African grays seems to think to themselves.

Perches and trees in the indoor aviary

indoor aviary

It’s an open secret… parrots love to climb trees: a tangle of hawthorn trunks, shelves and climbing holds ( on the wall ), all embellished with toys of various shapes and textures to destroy or forage.


indoor aviary room

Elmo, ara macao and Lilianne, blue-fronted Amazon, caught in the act of seduction parade. Youth must happen!


indoor aviary room

For my parrots, it’s Christmas every day. Trees must always be well-stocked.

Christmas even in June, is that a problem for you?

To make a bridge between the trees and the pole, we wrapped cotton rope… around another cotton rope.

The most super favorite swing: it measures 4ft (1.22m). Rope wound on a pole held at the ends by ends of chain ( nickel ) from which huge toys made of wood, cotton, and sisal have been suspended.

Custom Budgie Parakeet Bird indoor aviary enclosure built with Home Depot materials free fly all day

SOURCE: Captain Kiwi Budgie and the Gang of 7

Shelves, ladders for hiking parrots

Try to ignore Molly hitchhiking and notice the background … roughly leveled pine shelves surrounding the Parrot indoor aviary. In addition to serving as a trekking track for my parrots, we have attached toys, toy boxes and buckets… just to have fun and cool off during the trip.

Molly doing her morning gymnastics on the wall bars leading to the “north” shelf.

Maria and Morgane, my cockatoo daughters, doing what they do best… screwing up the hell.

Maria and Morgane are in another toy box on the same tablet and still doing the same activity.

Bilbo, the intrepid caique, is planning the next trick on one of the small manzanita poles screwed to the wall just above the “north” shelf.

Molly on the manzanita “bridge” connecting the “east” climbing wall to the “south” shelf.

Quite activating at one of the climbing points ( in pine ) leading to the southern shelf.

Quite deranged ( apparently ) in her ascent of the South Tablet. The ladder is made from pine.

In the background, we can see the “south” tablet, split in two to make room for a tree and a pile of hawthorn branches. How many birds do you have in this photo?


SOURCE: Paul Cotterill

At the food, the feeding stations

The “croc lock” buckets are screwed directly onto the ash pole. Some parts of the very long pole were wrapped in cotton ropes, in order to vary the textures for the comfort of the feet.  

Étienne, from his vine, takes us to another feeding station. To the left of the image, at the back of the perch, a perch “crown of sisal” and a pile of “branches” of hawthorns to chew ( the thorns of which have been removed… of course ). 

In the center, a cotton ring attached to the ceiling. You will also notice on the ceiling, transparent acrylic ( plexiglass ) discs used to protect our real estate investment … sometimes the twigs would not be enough for my voracious nibblers.

The same goes for all the toys or perches suspended from the ceiling: each one is fixed under its own acrylic disc.

Lilianne likes to eat at the feeding station at the highest point in the Parrot indoor aviary. Besides, he is so close to HIS “branches” and HIS cotton ring.

Another feeding station ( in the middle of the mess ) on the shelf on the north side of the indoor aviary. The buckets are screwed directly to the shelf.  

Clémentine, for her part, likes the power station on the south shelf… she loves the sun.

Toys, trinkets and frivolities

Go, Hop… Cascade!

We finish this piece of rope, and then we start the pole!

Demolition inc.

What! You have already passed. Move along, nothing to see!

The little house or the pine cube? Decisions … decisions …

Every aviary should have its rocking chair, an essential tool for moments of tenderness and hugs.

Of course, one should not be too attached to material possessions when placing furniture in a piranha aviary.

Our Humans – Indoor Macaw Aviary \ Cage Build | Under $350.00!!!!

SOURCE: Our Humans


Here is a little moment of well-deserved rest in the company of my worst calamity, master of mass destruction. Now, it remains to be seen how long it will last. Bah! No problem, we’ll start the whole mess again next spring! What two short weeks… Pfttt!

I hope I have inspired you a little about the idea of ​​enriching the environment with your feathered loves. Our birds need a stimulating environment to evolve in a healthy and balanced way. 

Of course, we do not always have the necessary space to offer our birds an indoor aviary of their own, but on the other hand, we