Parrot leg bands

Parrot leg bands 

Parrot leg bands: What is the ringing of parakeets and parrots? How to band a bird? When to band a parrot? Is the ring open or closed? What are the methods to identify your bird?

Banding is an important step in the life of a bird. It is both security for him and a means of recognition. There are two different ways to identify your birds.

You can use a bird band, or you can implant a radio frequency transponder in your pet. These two ways of identification allow the creation of a unique number assigned to the animal in question.


Why band a bird?


Banding a bird offers many benefits to its owner. The main reason for banding is to easily identify your domestic bird.

You will also be able to have access to a lot of information about the animal such as its age, where it comes from, … Everything you need to know about the ringing of parrots and parakeets.

Identify the origin of a bird

Banding is the act of attaching a bird band, or small ring, to a bird’s leg. Nowadays more and more animal species are trafficked. In order to limit this, it is important to identify these animals.

You can buy a bird yourself, thinking you are doing well when in reality it may be the result of theft or trafficking. Thanks to identification, this makes things much more complicated.

It is not possible to remove the ring from a parrot, or a parakeet, so it must keep it throughout its life. So in the absence of this ringing, no traceability is possible, which must be a warning during an act of purchase.

In case of loss or theft of the bird

The ring makes it possible to identify a bird, this is very useful in the event of the disappearance of an animal. So if a person finds it, they can entrust it to the authorities who can find the owners more quickly.

band bird or parakeet band is exactly the same scenario, in the event of the flight of a bird, if the culprit is found as well as the animals. They will be able to find their home very quickly thanks to the ringing.

Sell ​​or give away a bird

When transferring an animal, you must provide the bird’s identification number. Thus, the traceability of the bird can continue, and the different owners will have all the history of this bird.



How to ring a parrot or parakeet?

Banding is a step carried out very early in the life of a parrot, or a parakeet. As the ring grows, it can no longer be removed from the bird’s leg.

parrot band consists of placing a ring on one of the animal’s legs. An important point of verification: the purity, and the shape of this ring.

The parakeet band must not have been modified in any way, so it must have no joints or even welds. Banding does not hurt the animal, because the size, thickness, and diameter of this object are rigorously selected according to each species of bird.


What do the inscriptions on the ring correspond to?


Ringing your bird is not enough to protect it, and to identify it. What is important are the inscriptions present on this ring. Thanks to these, it is possible to identify many actors in the life of this animal.

The parrot band or parakeet band must follow a certain method and thus have a specific meaning.

  • A letter corresponding to the country of birth, for example.
  • The last two digits of the bird’s year of birth, for example, 16 for 2016.
  • The diameter of the ring (in mm).
  • The personal number of the bird, for example, 008.
  • The sign of the person who issued the ring.
  • The breeder’s number, for example, 45 01.


Is it possible to band a bird yourself?


One must be authorized to bird band because it entails important responsibilities. To have this title, it is very important to follow good training with a certified person.

To properly learn the bird banding technique requires a long period of observation. The person in charge of parrot banding is above all a bird enthusiast. They know different species of birds, know how to handle them without disturbing them too much.

To obtain the ringing certificate, a long-term evaluation is carried out by experienced ringers, it is by their side that the person learns by practicing.

Following this, the atheoretical ringing training course of the CRBPO is essential. This training provides many useful theoretical bases for this act of identification.


Another way to mark your parrot or parakeet

As we discussed earlier, it is possible to identify your bird with other methods. In particular, using a radiofrequency transponder.

The principle is the same as the chip for dogs or cats. Thanks to this small object implanted under the skin of the animal, it is possible to identify it at any time with a decoder.

This new identification technique makes it possible to further limit the various animal traffics. The implementation of such an identification system is controlled by various national and international standards.

The identification of parrots and parakeets is an essential step in the life of these birds. It is in a way their identity card. So you can make sure that the animal comes from a farm, and that it was not taken from its natural area. bird band helps ensure their safety by deterring traders of illegal living beings.

But this identification is also essential in the traceability of birds. Also, note that it is possible to bird band with open bands. This often happens with parrot band of different colors, very often used to differentiate males from females. The advantage of the latter, they can be put on birds at any age.


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