Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot


Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot

Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot or Edwards’s fig parrot 18 cm; 105 g. Forehead and mid-crown bright green, isolated by broad black line through the eye to hind crown and nape; elongated feathers of anterior face red, posterior (ear-coverts) yellow with some pale blue;

broadband on upper breast blue-black; lower breast to belly red, with green flanks, thighs, vent, and under tail-coverts; back, wings, and tail dull green, with innermost tertials, edged orange-red; underwing bar yellow. Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot Female lacks red on the breast. Immature-like female with anterior face yellow.




SOURCE: obirds


NC & NE New Guinea from Yos Sudarso Bay E to Huon Peninsula.


Lowland and hill forest and edge, also partly cleared land.

Diet and Foraging

Figs are the only certainly recorded food; other reports are of fruits of casuarinas and other trees; birds sometimes feeding in large flocks.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Not well documented. Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot Calls include a double-noted “screet-screet”, heard both in flight and when perched, and a short metallic “ksit!”.

Edwards fig parrot

SOURCE: PatricMinpla


Apparent Scarlet-cheeked fig parrot nest-site occupation observed, Jan–May; juvenile collected in Jul; courtship and nest prospection in Oct. Presumed nest-sites were small holes high in tall trees.

Conservation Status

Edwards's Fig Parrot

Not globally threatened. CITES II. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Locally common to very common, with as many as 400 recorded in a foraging flock.

A total of 2851 birds were exported by Indonesia in the period 1985–1990, a level of trade not judged to be prejudicial to the security of this species; however, its commercial importation into the EC from Indonesia was prohibited in Nov 1987.

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