The parrot, safe Halloween


The parrot, safe Halloween

The leaves have fallen, the days are getting shorter, the weather is gloomy… perfect weather for Halloween!

The Halloween party is one of the most exciting and rich in twists and turns, but several traditional customs linked to this party risk endangering the serene safety of our parrots. On the other hand, we must not deprive ourselves of the pleasure of celebrating in the company of all these gnomes, witches, imps and trolls on the pretext that we share the apartment with a roommate who has feathers … you just have to play it safe. not exposing Coco to unnecessary risks and spoils, such as leakage or poisoning.

Let’s review together some points of interest that will allow us to keep our hearts at the party …

The door ( of course )

When we plan to welcome the flock of imps on Halloween night, we also plan to install Coco in a place where he can still take part in the festivities, without taking the powder loose through the wide open door … too irresistible not to go and see. This place is called: SA CAGE.
For the occasion, the cage can be transported to the room where the action is taking place, of course avoiding rolling it in the middle of a draft. The end of October always promises us beautiful cool evenings.

The bird’s reaction

Observe him. The repeated or even continual bells and the incessant stream of visitors to the front door, or even the sound recordings straight out of the depths of hell for the occasion may quickly exceed the tolerable threshold that Coco is able. to accept. If the parrot ( or your dog or cat ) seems anxious and shows signs of nervousness, then it is best to place it out of the way, in a room where it will be quiet, while the little monsters have finished their rounds.

Animal party

Coco, if he is ( very ) well socialized, can also have a great time and become your best partner to help you win the prize for the best disguise in your Pirate-of-the-Caribbean costume.

To do this, you must:

  • Let the party take place at your place ( it is quite rare for a parrot to be really comfortable in an environment that is completely foreign to it ).

The parrot, safe Halloween

  • That your costume does not frighten him, nor be harmful for him ( certain materials of the costume or your make-up can be toxic for him. If Coco has to spend part of the evening on your shoulder, avoid using perfume ).
  • Don’t let the costumes of your guests scare him.
  • If Coco doesn’t seem to appreciate all these upheavals in his surroundings or the colorful crowd that crowds there, I think he would appreciate a slightly quieter room that your guests ( obviously ) will not have access to.
  • Let him wear his gala harness for the occasion. He shouldn’t want to follow your smoking guests outside.
  • If you decide to disguise Coco, the costume should be made of material that is harmless to him, and most importantly, it should be very comfortable there. There is only a tiny minority of parrots who will willingly accept wearing a costume. If yours refuses to do so, don’t ruin his evening; his natural and colorful parrot costume will fit perfectly with your superb outfit of Jack Sparrow.
  • Avoid letting Coco help herself in the candy dishes placed here and there for your disguised guests ( especially if there is chocolate, which is also toxic to dogs and cats ), or better yet, do not offer as sweets good for the health of the bird ( fruits, vegetables and dips (without avocado), nuts and peanuts, cheeses (no raw milk), sesame or soy sticks, popcorn ), rather than crisps, etc. ( you see the kind ). Go take a look at the list of foods to avoid for Coco.
  • Advise your guests to keep all forms of alcoholic beverages away from Coco’s spout ( beware, parrots are (very) fond of alcoholic liqueurs and beer ).

The parrot, safe Halloween

  • Halloween decorations are generally made from materials that are cheap and terribly dangerous for parrots ( very toxic metals and plastics ); synthetic spider threads are real choke nets for our birds and the pumpkin ( yet so delicious ) could turn into a death trap if a candle ( even unscented ) burns inside it ( Jack-O-Lantern ). Coco ( like kitty and dog ) is not a Phoenix; if it burns there, it will not be reborn from its ashes, believe me!
  • Even if the party is in full swing, you will need to respect Coco’s sleep needs. At 8 pm-9pm, it’s time for the little “sleep tight”, good night Coco …

The treats

When your little ones come home with their bags full of treats, watch your parrot thief ( who will be hopelessly attracted to this pile of colors that are the wrappers of Halloween candy ).

The parrot, safe Halloween

Remember that sweets are really to be avoided and that chocolate is ( terribly ) toxic to birds ( for dogs and cats too ) and that some plastic or metallic paper treat wrappers can represent a hazardous risk for your parrot. . Of course, I can’t urge you enough to check the contents of your child’s treasure bag before letting them help themselves, there are so many twisted minds.

And speaking of twisted spirits, don’t let your other pets wander outside on Halloween night alone, especially cats… let alone black cats. It’s not for nothing that several cat shelters and animal welfare societies refuse black cat adoption requests in the weeks leading up to the Halloween party, really twisted minds, it really does exist!

Now, all I have to do is wish you HAPPY HALLOWEEN… and run and get my costume for the occasion…

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