Wallace’s Hanging-Parrot


Wallace's Hanging-Parrot

Wallace’s Hanging-Parrot 11–12 cm. Green, lighter on underparts; bill red; throat with elongated red spot; nape tinged orange; rump and upper tail coverts red; legs orange. Female has red on throat reduced or sometimes absent. Immature undescribed.

Green cheek conure - African Grey P...
Green cheek conure - African Grey Parrot

Forms a species-group with L. exilis and L. pusillus, and sometimes considered conspecific with former. Monotypic.




Flores and satellite islands (Rinca), in Lesser Sundas.


Primary semi-evergreen forest, chiefly 800–1000 m but with records down to 450 m.


No information.

Diet and Foraging

Most sightings in 1993 were in fruiting fig trees, and dependence or specialization on this food resource was judged likely.

Wallace's Hanging Parrot

Wallace’s Hanging-Parrot

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Mainly combinations of insect-like, short, staccato, high-pitched “tsee” or “tsik” notes.


No information.

Conservation Status


ENDANGERED. CITES II. Previously considered Vulnerable. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Surveys in 1993 found it to be locally common in the Tanjung Kerita Mese proposed protected area, near Paku, but as little forest below 1000 m is included within existing protected areas on the island the species is considered vulnerable to rapid current habitat loss.

In 1983 and 1984 total of 70 birds were reported as exported from Indonesia, and capture quotas were set for Wallace’s Hanging-Parrots in most years down to 1993, although no trade was recorded.

Commercial importation into the EC has been banned since Dec 1989.

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