What can’t parrots eat


What can't parrots eat

what can’t parrots eat: most species, are not specific eaters when it comes to their diet. On the other hand, many foods commonly consumed by humans represent health risks for Psittacidae.

Some will only be irritating, others will be downright fatal. It is better to avoid offering your parrot the foods mentioned in the following list.

What food can parrots not eat

The theobromine in chocolate is a highly toxic alkaloid for many animals, including parrots. Theobromine can cause cardiac or respiratory arrest soon after ingestion.

Can parrot eat chocolate

Dark chocolate (like Baker’s unsweetened) is more toxic at a rate of 15 mg of theobromine per 100 grams than milk chocolate 1.5 mg of theobromine per 100 grams. Either way, if you care about your parrot, save these treats for yourself.


Numerous deaths recorded in parrots. The whole plant is poisonous.


Of course

Raw meat and poultry

salmonella and other bacteria ).

Cold cuts

contain too much salt and preservatives in “ites” and “ates” … ( sulphites, sulphates, nitrites, nitrates, etc. )

Milk or cheese from raw milk

Parrots do not digest dairy products containing lactose (the sugar found in milk ).
See the text: Milk


The potato is not toxic, it is certain parts of the latter that are: the peel as well as the green parts that are sometimes found on potatoes. These green parts contain solanine, a very toxic alkaloid that forms on potatoes that are overexposed to light. This alkaloid affects the central nervous system if ingested in significant amounts.

It is also necessary to remove the germ and the eyes of the potatoes, because the solanine accumulates there. Solanine is not destroyed during cooking.

Dangerous foods for parrots
To avoid

Apple or pear seeds

hydrocyanic acid )

Pits of plums, cherries, apricots and peaches

Same )


May contain a bacterium toxic to birds: clostridium botulinum.

Dangerous foods for parrots


Oil and seeds ( lint seed or castor oil ). Mortal!


Sweetener Also found under the name E 968.

Tea and coffee



Solanaceae ( potato ) family, contains a lot of solanine ( toxic ).


Listed allergies

Can african greys eat tomatoes

Tomatin, a substance similar to solanine. Plants and leaves are also poisonous.

Raw lima beans

Bay leaves

Raw onion


Any food coming from your mouth!

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