African Grey Parrot Gifts


Best Gifts Bird and parrot Lovers Whether they are parrot parents, falconers, or simply bird or parrot watchers, bird and parrot lovers take almost as many varieties as the birds themselves. To reflect this, we have selected a wide variety of gifts for bird and parrot lovers that will allow you to find a gift for any fan of our feathered friends.

African Grey Parrot Gifts

High-quality African Grey Parrot puzzle gifts and merchandise


African Grey Parrot Gifts
African Grey Parrot puzzle
African Grey Parrot Gifts


  • PyroPet gifts for bird lovers Price: $18.00

    Candles PyroPet Candle Bibi

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonWe included the feline equivalent on our article on gifts for cat lovers, so it seemed appropriate to put one here as well. This original candle burns until it reveals a bird-like metal skeleton that can be preserved as decoration long after.

  • Cartman gifts for bird lovers Price: $15.99

    Cartman Coloured Country Cottages Bird House

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon Encourage birds to hang out by offering them a place to live. This adorable cottage-style birdhouse will fit into many gardens and offer a place of good humor.

  • Gifts from the Guild of Unemployed Philosophers for Bird Lovers Price: $16.95

    The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Birds on a Wire Mug thermoréactif

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonThe trick of this cup is that the color is revealed only during use. When cold, the mug shows the black outlines of each bird on the wire. Fill it with a hot drink and the colored plumage fills up. Contains ten ounces.


Parrot magician gifts for bird lovers Price: $129.99

Parrot Wizard Large NU Perrot Climbing Tree

Buy now on Amazon From Amazon

If you really want to splash around, get the owner of the bird in your life this excellent luxury gaming medium. This works for a variety of bird sizes and provides a large dedicated space for a pet bird to play and relax. Birds love to spend time outside the cage and this would be a huge boon for any bird owner. They also make a table version, if you prefer. We initially included it in our list of the best bird stands and perches, if you’d like to think about other options like this.


  • Kathy Ireland Gifts for Bird Lovers Price: $151.99

    Lampe de table Parrot Paradise de Kathy Ireland

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonWorking birds in the decor of the house is a beautiful way to integrate them into everyday life. This table lamp brings a tropical touch while remaining relatively subtle. The parrot holds the lamp part in its beak, which is complete with a rattan lampshade. The switch is in line with the cord.

  • Willow gifts for bird lovers Price: $44.00

    Figure of happiness in willow

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonThe name of this particular figure of Willow Tree is Happiness. If the bird lover if your life is the happiest surrounded by birds, this should perfectly encapsulate the feeling for them. This is 5.5 inches tall and fits into a collection of bird figurines or alone.

  • 360 lighting gifts for bird lovers Price: $39.99

    360 Lighting Small accent lamp with crackled finish Bird Moderne

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonThis natural-toned lamp will fit into a variety of chic or wood-dominated

    parrot gifts

    industrial room designs. He very subtly introduces a bird into the environment without dominating the scene or standing out at all. Available individually or in packs of two, with the switch on the outlet. Measures 15.5 inches in height.

  • Mamre gifts for bird lovers Price: $79.90

    Moiré Tree of Lyte Motion Sensor Bird Night Light Dimmable Rechargeable Wireless Modern Desk Table Lamp Illuminated Soothing Eggs

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon Bluetooth speakers are a great gift; they are easy to give, most people can use several and they are relatively inexpensive. For bird lovers, there is this version that combines functionality with adjustable touch-controlled light. The arm on which the bird sits is totally mobile, so you can place it exactly where you want. This would be perfect for a white noise solution played from an app like Noisli.

  • Butler in the Home gifts for bird lovers Price: $12.99

    Butler in the Home Trombones en forme d’oiseau

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon As comfortable on our best office gifts or the best gifts for colleague positions, these cute paper clips are as functional as they are adorable. These are available in black or brown and make great gifts for planners and journalists.

  • Diageng gifts for bird lovers Price: $4.90

    Nest box keychain

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonThis simple gift is also very convenient. Whether it’s used for the main key set or simply to keep track of a key that doesn’t use much, like the handover or a bike padlock, for example, it’s an easy gift to give and use.

  • BellaMira gifts for bird lovers Price: $26.75

    BellaMira silver macaw pendant necklace

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonThis pendant celebrates the outrageous beauty of macaws without being garish. It is a beautiful piece that combines silver and enamel with an excellent effect. There are also other options, both in the form of parrots and other birds. The chain on this is 18 inches long.

  • Verdugo Gifts gifts for bird lovers Price: $73.37

    Free Verdugo gift like a bird stool

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon A stool can be very convenient both as a decorative touch and as a small seat if necessary. Here the birds are made of iron, as well as the frame of the stool. It measures 17 inches wide by 20 inches high.

  • Kurt Adler gifts for bird lovers Price: $28.97

    Ul Kurt Adler 10-light parrot light set

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonHelp someone creates a festive atmosphere and celebrates the love of birds with this fun string of lights. Ten illuminated parrots line this string of lights for a touch of tropical ambiance. The total length of about six feet. Flamingos are also an option.

  • UAB Kid Kis gifts for bird lovers Price: $19.95

    Love hurts the biting African gray parrot T-shirt

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonAnyone who has ever owned a parrot knows that bites are almost inevitable. They don’t always do it to be mean. Sometimes they think they are playing. But even at that, a parrot bite hurts because of its sharp beak and strong jaws. This shirt is available for men, women, and children in black, navy blue, asphalt, royal blue, and cranberry.

  • Ebros Gift for bird lovers Price: $45.99

    Ebros Gift Set of bottle holders of wine and salt and pepper shaker Scarlet Macaw

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon If someone you know has a tiki room or other tropical-themed entertainment space — or if they really like parrots — this set of stands might do the trick. In this set is both a bottle holder of wine and a support for salt and pepper shakers. Both are made in the bright plumage of a scarlet macaw.

Sock It to Me gifts for bird lovers Price: $10.19

Sock It To Me Put a Bird On It Chaussettes pour femmes

Buy now on Amazon From Amazon

Here is a simple gift idea. These socks are designed to look like a tree with a small red bird inside. Sock It to Me make great socks, so if the brown color palette doesn’t suit you, you can also consider their Birds of a Feather or Cherished Starlings patterns instead.


  • Fred & Friends gifts for bird lovers Price: $12.15

    Fred & Friends Nested Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonNeed something that’s both cute and practical? These nested dry measuring cups should do the trick. Between chicken, egg, and chick, you get measurements for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1/3, 3/4, and a cup depending on whether you use the top or bottom of each.

  • Catch-all gifts for bird lovers Price: $23.54

    Totes Birds on a Wire Parapluie

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon I live in PNW and even though locals will tell you that people don’t use umbrellas here, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. This umbrella in particular is decorated with birds sitting on a line in a variety of patterns. Perfect for anyone who loves birds and stays dry.

  • Creative cooperative gifts for bird lovers Price: $10.34

    Decorative soap holder in aged ivory stoneware Creative Co-op

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon Just a subtle nod to the birds here. A simple bird decoration adorns an antique sandstone soap dish. This should easily complement a wide variety of styles in bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Kintor gifts for bird lovers Price: $39.99

    Chewing toy large bird Kintor

    Buy now on Amazon From AmazonWhile this may at first glance seem like a gift to a bird rather than a bird lover, rest assured that it works for both. When pet birds get bored, they become a real handful. You can help your close bird owner by providing this bulky and durable toy to his parrot.

  • Canvaslove gifts for bird lovers Price: $18.99

    Canvaslove Laptop Shoulder Case Waterproof Canvas Green Bird Pattern

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon If you have to carry a laptop or tablet on a daily basis, you might as well involve birds. This waterproof canvas laptop case will fit a device up to 15 inches and includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

  • Skateboards Parrot Price: $184.83

    Skateboards Parrot

    Buy now on Amazon From Amazon A, particularly cold bird is featured on this complete longboard setup. This is a 35-inch board complete with wheels, trucks, and bearings so the person you give it to can grow right away. If you already have wheels and equipment, you can also get the bridge by itself.