Break the monotony for parrot


Make toys for parrots everywhere

Break the monotony for parrot: Parrots don’t have a great power of concentration and get bored quickly. They frequently change activity ( or toys ) during the day and again, when they are not downright busy with two or three sites at the same time.

So, it is very important for these birds that they have at their disposal a whole panoply of different games or toys to be able to change them according to the desires of the moment.

Unfortunately, often people will give their parrot a single, very expensive toy with a clear conscience… “Now he has something good to play with!” This kind of attitude is very questionable.

It’s like giving a beautiful doll for Christmas to a four-year-old little girl and telling her “take care of it, it’s your only toy for the year”. Ridiculous isn’t it? Well, it is the same with our parrots: one, even two or three toys is not enough.

They must be free to change activities often. They may want to tinker, count, play with colors, textures, or shapes, brainstorm with creative or imaginative games, make some noise, or just,

Break the monotony for parrot

Your parrot will not like a toy just because it is a toy designed for parrots and is overpriced. The price, the parrot does not care at all.

Often a piece of shredding paper is much more interesting than the wonderful, almost platinum-plated toy you just put in its cage.

If I take Quita, my ara ararauna, for example, nothing could be more wonderful for her than being able to play with an old terrycloth towel. For Quite, it’s the ultimate in toys created for macaws.

However, if you only knew the fortune I spent trying to find the perfect fit in terms of toys … ( you know the price of macaw toys $$$$$$).

Well there you go, miss loves terrycloth towels ( and they don’t even have to be of high quality ). Above all, she likes to play with her towels in the washing machine, in the dryer, or in the laundry tub… This young lady really likes rags!

So, nothing expensive to make him happy. Parrots have simple tastes but need variety. It is up to you to find out what kind of games or toys your bird will prefer, otherwise be advised that an average taxpayer’s home is really Eldorado for a parrot that has nothing to do or who lives. ‘bored.

A treasure chest

Break the monotony for parrot

Ideally, a toy box made available in your parrot’s cage or play area is the best investment you can make. A simple wooden or plastic box or a cardboard box filled with a wide variety of treasures, each more interesting than the next, will make your bird’s best days.

The treasure toys for a parrot are those that are easily consumable, interchangeable, and above all, renewable. Almost anything is a treasure: an empty paper towel roll, an old cloth, cork stoppers, drinking straws, book already read or telephone directory, ballpoint pen cap, previously served envelopes, a spoon of wood or pieces of softwood, etc. Everything is a game if it arouses the interest of the parrot.

Break the monotony for parrot

Toys everywhere

It is essential for the parrot to have a large assortment of toys, but it is just as important that it is not always the same treasure chest that you lug from room to room.

The bird will quickly lose interest in it and look for something else to occupy itself in the new room where it will follow you … something that you might sadly regret …

So here I suggest having several treasure chests for your parrot, one for every room in the house and, if possible, containing treasures that have some connection to the activity that takes place in that room.

  • Kitchen toys: wooden spoons, bowls, small wooden rolling pin, table linens, plastic bowls, etc.
  • Office toys: children’s pencils ( non-toxic ), papers, old books, etc.
  • Bathroom toys: hairbrush and comb ( for children ), toothbrush without metal ties, small towels, etc.
  • TV room toys: this chest must be very varied if you want to listen to your movie in peace.
  • Outing toys: are you going to visit a relative, a friend? If you decide to take your parrot with you, it is better to bring some new and very exciting toys… Nothing worse than a bothering bird on a visit… Those who have had young children know exactly what I’m talking about.

Break the monotony for parrot

Toys should not be boring; they are there to distract the parrot and the latter needs a lot of choice and diversity in its environment to ward off a basement that is never very far away …



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