Bamboo and parrots

Bamboo and parrots

Let the real bamboo rise …

Bamboo is from the grass family. There are about 115 genera and 1300 species which, as a general rule, would not be toxic to our parrots. It would therefore be wrong to believe that there are only 2 species ( phyllostachys aurea and phyllostachys nigra ); the world of bamboo is gigantic. Unfortunately, nurserymen often only let us glimpse these two species.

Plant for the outdoor aviary?

Rumor has it that bamboo is a tropical plant that fears the cold… Tut .. tut .. tut…! Cold hardiness depends on the variety. There are many that withstand temperatures of -15 ° C and some, such as ph. aureosulcata , ph. bissetii , ph. nuda and pseudosasa japonica tolerate colds of -24 ° C, which makes it a very resistant and pretty plant for your outdoor aviaries.

Beware of false bamboo such as Nandina domestica , also called celestial bamboo, which is part of another family and which is horribly toxic to parrots.


On the other hand, the dracaena sanderina , the famous lucky bamboo or “lucky bamboo”, very fashionable these days, even if it is not really part of the bamboo family, at least has the happiness of not be toxic to our parrots in addition to being very decorative. Does not stand up to the cold though.

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