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Chronic pecking: why is my bird tearing its feathers off

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Chronic pecking is an abnormal behavior of birds. The latter mutilate the feathers by biting them, even going so far as to uproot them. This disease can have various origins.

Chronic pecking is a disease of birds that mutilate their feathers. It has nothing to do with grooming or shedding and can quickly become a bad habit. In any case, pecking is a sign that the bird is uncomfortable.

Causes of chronic pecking

Chronic pecking corresponds to the mutilation of the feathers by the bird. It can nibble or even pluck its feathers to the point of causing open wounds. The causes of chronic pecking are varied.



Psychological causes

Chronic pecking

Among the psychological causes of chronic pecking is often boredom. This disease is linked to captivity because the bird has to endure many stresses. The absence of a companion, confinement, noise can be responsible for this behavior. Sudden changes or lack of sleep may be the cause. Your bird can thus show its need for attention.

Medical and other causes

Pecking can have medical causes. Changes in hormone levels, a fungal or bacterial infection, an injury, a tumor or malnutrition can cause pecking. Lack of hygiene can encourage this behavior.

Treatments for chronic pecking

You should give as much information as possible to your veterinarian about the living conditions of the bird. He will have to perform tests to rule out the presence of an infection. Blood tests, x-rays, or analysis of droppings may be necessary to set up a treatment for chronic pecking. The latter can be difficult because the bird retains this habit even when the root cause of pecking has been removed.

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A suitable diet

It is important to ensure that he has a balanced diet, that he can peel branches, twigs, raw carrots, or cabbage cores that will occupy him. Hide food in a cardboard box or hang it on a perch.

Good hygiene

The cage must be kept perfectly clean and be sufficiently spacious. A healthy general is necessary for the bird feels good. If the presence of external parasites is revealed, they should be treated. If your bird is a Psittacidae, it needs regular grooming with a fogger or a light shower.

Respect for sleep

The bird’s day-night cycle must be respected so that it does not lack sleep. As soon as it gets dark, put it in the dark in a quiet room.

Fight boredom

We must at all costs fight against boredom which is one of the main causes of pecking. You have to spend time with your bird every day. Offer varied toys that are renewed regularly. You can put a mirror in his shelter, leave him the radio or even the television. Make sure his cage is big enough and that he has a place to hide.

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