Diy toys for birds


Diy toys for birds

Diy toys for birds: how to make some easy and cheap DIY parrot toys! We make these toys regularly for our parrots their love them so much, but Remember, no parrots toy is 100% safe, so make sure you supervise your parrots whilst they play.

Here are a couple of DIY toys for birds you can make easy and cheap at home! In this article, You find a couple of foraging ideas and parrots toys that you can make for your parrots using items that you can find at home

Homemade toys for parrots

SOURCE:Flying Fids


Tools for Diy toys for birds :

  • Small hand drill
  • hole puncher

How to make homemade parrot toys

Diy parrot toys

Scissors Supplies:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Pvc pipes
  • Wooden blocks
  • Corn husks
  • Streamers
  • Chinese finger traps
  • Little straw hats
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • bells
  • Construction paper
  • Wooden beads

Diy parrot toys

Just about anything can serve as a toy or entertainment for your parrot, only your imagination is the limit and… the safety of the bird of course. If you make your parrot’s toys yourself, refer to the safety advice cited in the Texts/Accessories section of this site for the materials and shape of the toys. Here are a few quick ideas ( I’m very lazy ) that cost next to nothing and will delight your parrot.

Don’t forget to recycle the still drinkable parts of commercial toys that Coco ransacked; don’t throw away your cabbage!

Toys for parrot

  • Empty ( or full…even funnier ) paper towel roll. Be careful, small parrots such as the wavy parakeet, touïs, lovebirds, etc. tend to use it as a tunnel and risk getting stuck inside. Better to cut the roll from one end to the other before offering it to these little nosy ones. You can cut strips of paper (recovery) and stuff the paper towel roll ( like a spring roll ).
  • The same game is in an improved version for nosy parrots. Non-metallic ( party ) curled paper ribbons are unrolled and inserted into an empty paper towel roll cut in half.
  • A Brown paper bag filled with pieces of wood and cardboard was inserted inside an empty paper towel roll. For inquisitive parrot.

Diy parrot toys

  • Ball of cotton rope or strips cut from old cotton t-shirts. We tie a knot, then another over the first and another and another until the whole thing looks like a ball. Some birds love to untie knots. You can insert nuts into the heart of the ball, the toy will only be more interesting.
  • Holes in a box, insert leather straps, and a few wooden beads.
  • Stainless steel hardware ( long bolts with nuts, washers ) that the parrot can have fun screwing or unscrewing as it pleases. Choose the pieces large enough so that the parrot does not swallow them. Cockatoo happiness.

Parrot Toys

The favorite toys of parrots

  • Junk mail or old paper crumpled into balls. What no longer has value for you, can be a treasure for your parrot.
  • Cardboard boxes are empty of anything ( without glue or staples ). Fill it with trinkets for your parrot.
  • The biggest hoop in the world… a Houla Hoops hoop around which you wrap cotton or sisal rope and tie everything with a chain and presto… we fix it to the ceiling. You can hang pieces of rope with wooden beads on it to make it even more interesting. Easy and so much fun for any species of parrot!
  • The classic leather strap where you slip on pierced pieces of wood interspersed with knots. In the world of parrots, the classics never go out of style…
Toys for parrot
Toys for parrot
  • Leather duster: you take several strips of leather that you tie firmly together by the center or by the ends. Good hand toy and for biting parrots.
  • Anything that looks like a lollipop and is held in the hand ( stick with a piece of wood or favorite nut at one end ). Your parrot will want more!
  • Ropes, leather, and sisal are braided together into which wooden beads are inserted. Suspended or as paw toys, parrots love it.
  • The Loot Glove: Go to a garden center and get yourself a pair of undyed, untreated cotton gloves. In each of the fingers, you slip a surprise ( treat, chewing wood, piece of leather, etc. ) and you tie the top of the glove securely with a cotton cord. Simple but effective. Hours of fun for a parrot.
Toys for parrot
Homemade parrot toys
  • The surprise basket: get a large straw basket ( untreated, undyed ) large enough for the bird to fit completely inside and be comfortable playing inside. You hang this basket inside the cage or outside about 15-20 cm above ( high enough so that the basket does not touch the cage and can swing, and low enough so that it is easy for the bird to climb there). You put his favorite little trinkets there to nibble or smooth. The parrot will completely settle in its basket and can spend hours there having fun with its favorite toys. You can wrap cotton or sisal rope around the handle to make it proof against Coco’s beak, as he will likely use it as a perch.

Dye and toys for parrots

Preferably choose undyed toys for a psittacine.

If you decide to buy or make a colorful toy for your parrot, choose food-grade or non-toxic dyes for children ( FDA Food and drugs administration approved ). You can find coloring pastes for solid colors at bakeries or kitchen supply stores.

Never color the pieces of wood or fabrics ( cotton or sisal ) with fruit juices which will give them a pleasant flavor for your parrot. The bird may mistake them for food and swallow them. Prefer the Kool-aid without sugar ( bitter ) by letting them soak overnight. The result will be a bit pale, let’s say you will create pastel-colored toys.

Never give a varnished ( shiny ) wooden toy to a parrot; it can be highly toxic.

Leather and Parrot toys

rawhide ( rawhide )

The rawhide that dog toys ( bones ) are made of is not toxic to parrots, but can still be hazardous in its coiled, tight, and pressed form. 

As the parrot tends to try to open any object with a small weakness ( cleft ), it may try to separate the rolled-up hard leather. Having no saliva, he cannot soften this hard leather at the risk of getting caught in it or breaking the tip of his beak ( this is a great classic among avian veterinarians ).

It is better to offer rawhide “chips” or small objects with a simple shape ( small shoes ) and not rolled up to an overly inquisitive parrot.

The bad tannins

Do not offer toys or strips of chemically treated leather, they may contain extremely toxic substances for your parrots.

  • Chrome /syntax: used for tanning “softy” leather.
  • Aluminum salt: used for tanning “velvet” and “nubuck” leather.
  • Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone: used for tanning “nubuck” and “reptile skin” leather.
  • Not to mention all the “-aldehydes” which are used in the composition of almost all leathers.

Never let your parrots play with your handbags, old leather clothes, belts, or shoelaces made of leather. The latter have generally been chemically treated in order to soften them. Very toxic to parrots.

The good tannin

The only leather you can offer your parrot is so-called “Vegetarian” leather, that is, leather treated with vegetable tannins which are generally lighter in color and stiffer in texture.

Note: after a while, often washed and moistened leather can develop bacteria. After two or three washes, it is better to replace it.

DIY Parrots Toys

SOURCE:Happy Tails

  • Fun enough to keep the birds busy for a long time and they love to play with it.
  • The type of this parrot block is elegant and attractive and will immediately attract the eyes of the bird.
  • The bird toy gives him more space to move and exercise.
  • suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized parrots. Such as Golden Sun parrot, monk parrot, parakeet, gray
  • parrot, mini-con parrot, Alexander parrot, Senegal parrot, cockatoo toys, macaw toys, conures, lorikeets, etc.
  • A chewing and smoothing parrot toy is ideal for passing the time and caring for your beloved birds


DIY parrot foraging toys